Going Down Under

…My life abroad

About Me: July 16, 2007

I’m Andrea.

I like to travel.  A lot.

I love Jesus.  Probably should’ve said that first… it’s way more important.  My hope is that it affects every aspect of my life.  When I travel, or sing, or watch a sunset, or any of the other things I like to do, I see God’s beauty and experience Him and that’s why I love it.

Sometimes my blog entries are kinda long-winded but my family likes it that way. : )



2 Responses to “About Me:”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hey Andrea, well I recently googled Hillsong College, looking for people and their experiences there and I found your blog! I got to reading some of your blog posts and I just have a couple of questions. Did you first go to Wesley and then to HLIC? If you did, how did you wind up at HLIC and are you still going to Wesley? Can you only be a part of ASC through Wesley? Sorry for all the questions 🙂 I’m just really praying about going to HLIC for Worship and just trying to do as much research as I can. Thanks a ton!

  2. alex Says:

    hey, im alex, and im a senior in high school, and planning to go to hillsong after graduation..and i kind of have a couple questions..i read that your staying with a family..do u pay for living costs?or if so how much..because i thought college students stayed in dorms..and did u save up for hillsong college?how much is it per year if u don’t mind me asking..?sorry..its hard informationto find..email me back if u can..thank u soo much!god bless!-alex

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