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UGH January 31, 2009

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i love the privilege to get an education but i still have my moments… like tonight when i realized that i have to read 11 books in 12 weeks for spring semester, 5 of which are about science and technology for a gen ed which i put off until my last semester. joy.

see, here’s the thing.  i get the distinct sense that some of my friends at college ENJOY “the books”.  the learn FOR FUN.  they would research things whether it was compulsory or not.  I, however, either have not yet arrived at that place or perhaps never will arrive at that place.  I know I’m almost finished with college, and I’ve done pretty well grade-wise I guess, but it has been a struggle for me.  Looking back, there were times when I thought I simply couldn’t complete numerous assignments.  Two different faculty members at Messiah that have been mentors in my life are both working on their doctorates at the moment.  They have both said to me on separate occasions that getting this degree is exceptional in the incredible amount of perseverance that it requires.  Not necessarily in its difficult; but in its perseverance.  I feel the same way about college now, to a lesser extent.  I just have to charge through and finish, and the end is in sight.  That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for college and classes and what I’ve learned from textbooks.  But perhaps my greatest lesson of college has been in coming to the understanding that I don’t learn best from books.  If I really want to learn something, I have to interact with it – outside of the classroom – in real life.  Textbooks serve their purpose to a degree, but for the most part I feel that the other experiences of college outside the classroom have prepared me far better for the curve balls that real life will throw my way.

man those 11 books really put me on a soap box didn’t they?


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