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Exhibit A: What a college student does when they are supposed to be studying January 22, 2009

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Yes, it’s true. I have a big exam tomorrow and it’s 1 AM and here I sit blogging. Don’t worry, 4 out of 5 chapters are nailed down. Also not helpful was the LOST season premiere tonight – confusing yet AWESOME because the words awesome and lost are synonymous. obviously.

Well January is flying by, I gotta tell ya. I knew it would with the psycho schedule of mine lately. It’s funny how the grass is always greener. I was complaining about being bored by new year’s, and now I’m begging for a break. I am taking a J-Term class called Adolescent Development, which has been really interesting. People call me crazy for this but I love the middle-school age group. Somehow I don’t like kids or animals really but I love adolescents. Go figure. It’s such a weird stage of life and studying it intensely has been really cool. I’m writing a big research paper right now about social networking sites (translation: facebook/myspace) and their influence on teenagers’ personality and social skills. You know you’re in the right major when your classwork is relatively enjoyable.

So what else is new? Besides Obama. Who is pretty sweet if you ask me. Well, I am hopefully going to begin recording this Friday. I wrote this new jazz song centered around the concept of a dandelion… a person who becomes a weed in your life. I think I’m gonna start with that one because it is so totally opposite of the kind of song most people would expect from me. It’s a weird mix of stuff, my collection of original songs – some are really Christian-y worship-y, others are just about random things. And they are all totally different styles. If this project comes together it will be miraculous.. oy. It’s probably going to turn out to be like a 4th job time-wise but what’s the fun in doing life half-way? Sleep is for wimps.

Hmm. Oh yeah! My friend Emily and I are soon going to make one of our freshman dreams come true. No, it does not involve graduating cum laude although hey that would be nice too. Oh no. We have been planning for four years to go to THE groundhog day ceremony in Punxsutawney. Who knows if that is spelled right but you get the gist. Yes: On a special day (Feb. 2nd) Punxy Phil, the beloved woodland creature will emerge from his little dwelling to determine our weather for the rest of the spring. And WE will witness this ever-reliable prediction. haha. It sounds like a bizarre weekend which I will have to be sure to tell you about afterwards…but after the stress of this month I am going to be so ready to do something random like that. Maybe I will wake up the next day and get to relive it all over again.. or was that a movie I saw one time? : )



In conclusion,

I submit to you that tough economic times are not a good enough excuse for under-tipping your waitress.

obladi oblada life goes on

later tigers


One Response to “Exhibit A: What a college student does when they are supposed to be studying”

  1. Sally T. Says:

    I have been watching LOST since the plane went down…I was super confused last night….is my age a factor, I think not!
    I was waiting to see if you would have something to say about it!
    Middlers need love…it is a great age span and until I had the teaching experience with this group, I thought they were just awful! They are, it turns out, just awfully needy! If you have something to give, they want it! They need what you have to give, Andrea.
    Sally Thomas

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