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Bugs are taking over. December 4, 2008

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this = my life

this = my life

Yes, it’s true. I feel that I am on the set of some weird horror movie here in the college ministries office at Messiah. I am working on the workstudy computer (well working as in – not working at the moment) and these bugs are crawling all over the mouse and computer screen and walls around me. I kid you not. They are those boxelder bugs that kind of look like lightning bugs. Without of course the cool part of lighting up. So really they are just posers. Basically there is nothing cool about them except the fact that unlike mosquitos and bees they can’t hurt you in any way. So on the cool insect continuum they are about right in the middle. But that doesn’t mean I like them. and they are everywhere. My boss Doug says that when the weather changes they migrate from outside in the cold to the inside, crawling through the vents and making the trek to some nice little nook or cranny of hostetter chapel. We, the priviledged college ministries workstudy students, get to witness this epic journey as we go about our business. It’s like Jumanji over here.

Anyways I do have a thought for you. Lately I have been considering that I am just way too obsessed with celebrities. I mean I’m no so bad that I have a Twilight poster in my room or something (no offense to any potential tweenage reader out there) but I mean when I turn the TV on, I usually go straight to E!. I love E!. It’s funny to put a period after an exclamation point. Odd. Anyways celebrities just fascinate me and they always have. I mean I know my stuff. I know just about every Hollywood relationship going on right now thanks to the copious amount of TV I have been watching in the past few limbo weeks of being home. I have always been a huge magazine fan as well and I actually look FORWARD to waiting rooms so I can read people for free. It’s one good thing about the dentist anyways. But this morning as I’m sitting there eating cinnamon toast crunch watching E! True Hollywood Story about Ellen DeGeneres, I’m like – why do I even care? I mean it wasn’t that it was Ellen in particular but I just said to myself – this is stupid. I could be out there doing something meaningful with my time or knowing details about the lives of people I actually know and care about – let’s not even get started on how bad I am with birthdays, but it’s just kind of sad. This is something I have to give more thought to…but I need to start investing in the people I actually see everyday, the people I know and have relationships with instead of these paparazzi snapshots of people who don’t even come close to sharing anything in common with me.

Just a thought.


2 Responses to “Bugs are taking over.”

  1. Chris Says:

    I also enjoy reading for free in waiting rooms:)

    It can be time consuming to follow the celebs otherwise, but it’s good to know a little bit so we can pray for them in some specific ways. I think it makes a difference!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    ahh i forgot about those bugs.. as well as the fact that you blog. haha, do you remember how our basement at the college used to be infested with those stupid bugs all the time.. i think i used to go around and collect them in jars. what a strange child…

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