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Oh – hey December 3, 2008

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Well it’s been embarrassingly long since I have been in the blogging world.  sorry.

I kind of forgot to tell you anything about the second half of my semester in Australia.  But you know, I don’t really regret it – because I feel like I really lived in the moment this semester.  Sometimes when you’re so busy blogging becomes a chore and when it felt that way I just took a break.  hah a long one.  But anyways the deal is I am back in the USA, chillin in PA.  I get the same questions every day: “How was Australia?” (with the tone of give me a one-word answer not a half-hour desciption) and “Are you glad to be back?” Well, sure.  It’s always good to be home.  I mean my family is made up of some of the coolest people I know.  But of course it’s not Sydney and this isn’t Australia and everyone’s accents are stupid now.

But that chapter in my life is now closed and it was a good one.  Australia was a time for me to grow and learn and also get in touch with the artist side of me.  Which has in turn motivated me to pursue recording over the holiday season.  I’m still trying to get it off the ground so I’ll let you know how that goes.

So, where am I going next? One might ask.

My next adventure is moving to Greece to live with Tony and Jamie Sebastian.  The plan is to live there anywhere from a year to a couple years, mainly directing a study abroad program and helping them out wherever needed.  I’m young, not tied down, graduating from college – it’s the perfect time in my life to do this so I’m going for it.  But all of these exciting travels take money and I’m hurtin for it.  Actually right now I have four dollars to my name.  But not to worry I just got a waitressing job so we’ll see how that goes.  (*cough come to Italian oven and leave me large tips as an act of charity cough*) Yes and I have also returned to Messiah College even though I’m not taking classes to work for our worship pastor and help out with campus worship stuff.  I’m keeping busy.

Okay well that’s enough for now and probably everyone has given up on reading this so.. till next time.


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