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Another week goes by September 2, 2008

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Mitchell and I at the aquarium!

Mitchell and I at the aquarium!

We are just about at the halfway point of the semester, and let me just tell you how sad that makes me feel! It is bizarre when all of my friends at home are just beginning theirs. And a reminder of how wooonderful it will be to be stress-free all of November and December! aah. Last year, Christmas snuck up on me after Ecuador. This year, I can celebrate Christmas until I’m blue in the face. hah. And you know I will : )

So what’s been up this week? Well, Saturday night I had the joy of going to an AFL game. That stands for Australian Football League. Football = Rugby down undah. So it was an all-out rugby game, the equivalent to attending a pro-football game in the states. It was amazing. Sports is like religion here, and the atmosphere was crazy. Naturally we geared up in our red and white to support the Sydney Swans. Swans may not seem like a very ferocious or – dare I say – manly name for a team, but don’t worry: They wrecked house. We won by like 60 points. The “touchdown” goalposts are different: There is an inner set of poles and then two outside of them. If you get the rugby ball through the outer ones, you get a point. Little to my knowledge I screamed (after an outer pole touchdown) “ONE IS GOOD… BUT TWO IS BETTERRRR!” only to be silenced by a friend who informed me that you can only get 1-pointers or 6-pointers. Hey, you learn something new every day. Anyways you all should watch rugby, it’s pretty great. I woudln’t say that unless I meant it because we all know how I feel about most sports… *vomit* Let’s just say it was the first time I haven’t just gone to a game for the social experience in a while.

In other news, today and yesterday I have spent some time with my friend Mitchell. Mitchell is not just any friend; he happens to be a fellow Mechanicsburg-ian! We went to middle and high school together, and he was visiting Australia for 3 weeks on his spring break. He’s studying abroad in New Zealand this semester. Yesterday we hit up the aquarium and today I fixed him a feast at my host family’s house (with permission). He tried a tim tam for the first time today. For those of you who wonder about this delectable treat from afar, no worries, I will be bringing them home (if they will fit amidst my shoes). Anyways, it was a lot of fun to catch up with a friend from across the world that knew what I was talking about when I confessed that I missed Neato Burrito. Who knew I could relate when he said he wished he’d brought his DARE t-shirt. Who could mutually miss Andrew Barge. I am going to New Zealand the last week of my time here and should see him again when I step onto his study-abroad turf. What’s even better than traveling is meeting up with other friends that are doing the same. : )

Well that’s all for now. I am off to a “gig”. My host brother is playing tonight at a venue in Newtown and our fam’s heading out to cheer him on.

Oh ps… I’m going to the outback this weekend. *excitement building* More on that soon to come!


One Response to “Another week goes by”

  1. Em Fowler Says:

    Oh how I wish this semester was halfway finished…being in Australia must be so much nicer than the junior year of nursing school. Praying for you Andrea!

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