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Return from laziness August 27, 2008

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Oh dear.  It’s been forever and a day since I last wrote. 

I hate to sound annoying, but it’s the truth – I do so many fun things everyday that I couldn’t possibly write them all down.  I am seriously having a ball.  And learning so much my brain hurts.  Let me give a few examples.  Since I lost wrote, I:

– Went to the capital city of Canberra with my program for a weekend.  We went to 3 embassies (Indonesia, China, US) and talked with diplomats about foreign policy.  Went to many museums and saw new and old parliament houses. 

– Went to the opera house to see an orchestra and opera concert

– Had a great 21st birthday involving a thai dinner out with my host family and dancing the night away in Sydney

– Went to my first connect group (small group) at church and it was awesome!

– Climbed the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

– Went to Manly Beach a few times (still too cold for sunbathing)

– Saw some friends do a gig at a hotel in Glebe, a trendy artsy part of town

– I had a huge presentation about Australian Immigration worth 30% of my grade for my ASC class and it was wicked stressful but it went well and it’s over.. phew

That’s just a few highlights.  It’s been a great past couple of weeks.  This weekend should be no exception.  Tonight I am heading to the Darling Harbour Imax theatre to see The Dark Knight for the 2nd time.  I submit that this is worth my time for all those of you who wonder why I’m seeing a movie I could see in America, because Heath Ledger is Australian, hence I am celebrating Australian culture. : ) 

If I sound pretty ridiculously happy….well I guess I am. hah.

sorry it was short, I will be a better blogger this week les prometo (i promise)



One Response to “Return from laziness”

  1. Kara Says:

    There’s no better way to celebrate than with Thai food! Yum!! I think I saw on your Facebook photos that you have made some Thai friends. It made me very happy!

    What exotic location will you be in on your next birthday?

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