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Try Scary Traditional Aussie Food: Check August 4, 2008

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Here it is. Tasty?

Here it is. Tasty?

Tonight, for the first time ever, I did a very very Australian thing.

I ate Vegemite.

All I have to say is: ew.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste. We ate it how you’re supposed to eat it, spread very very thin on buttered toast. It’s made up of yeast or something so it’s very salty. Cristina described it as being like “eating dried-out soy sauce”. Our host mum said she used to eat Vegemite sandwiches as a kid growing up. Makes you all the more grateful for good ‘ole PB & J.


2 Responses to “Try Scary Traditional Aussie Food: Check”

  1. Sally Thomas Says:

    Hey Andrea…I enjoyed a vegmite memory after I read your post.
    I received a jar of Vegemite as a secret Santa gift in the dorm where I was an RA. The Men At Work tune was big at the time and apparently my girls thought I would eat it if they gave it….bad experience with peer pressure!
    Later, Sally T.

  2. I think vegemite made a cameo on Veggie Tales once…

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