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It’s raining it’s pouring but Sydney’s not boring July 25, 2008

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My housemates and I cruising the harbor!

My housemates and I cruising the harbor!

For all those of you shaking your head at my blog entry title, you will have to cut me some slack. I have the worst time with titling entries and I just went all-out cheesy tonight because it’s been a long day.

For my View from Australia class today, we had heaps of homework and I was up really late last night finishing it. We read hundreds of pages of different readings (which included several chapters of Blue Like Jazz so that was exciting) and had to answer reflection questions. Single-spaced, my answers came to 4 pages. That’s like writing an 8-page paper. And trust me I was not over-achieving. It was crazy. We’ll have to do that every week. But fortunately the readings are really good and this week all about social justice. After discussing the readings in class for an hour or so, we took off on a bus for the Sydney public library. Do you remember the library from Beauty and the Beast? With all bookshelves all the way up to high ceilings and spiral stairs going up the walls? That’s what it’s like kinda. It’s pretty cool. I prefer looking at books than actually reading them but it was a nice tour of the library, which will come in handy for some of our projects. From there, we headed to Circular Quay (which is the harbor where the opera house is located, and pronounced Key in case you ever need to know that) to begin our scavenger hunt. Today was around 50 degrees and rainy, so it wasn’t the best weather, but as a group we had to get a picture in front of all the main city sights. We all felt kind of miserable in the rain so we didn’t even try to run and beat the other groups, haha. But we got to see lots of sights and afterwards got free gelato in the Quay. From there we set sail for a harbor cruise. It must have been mad expensive but the ASC paid for it… well I suppose I paid for it but it just feels better when it’s factored in…and there was a man dressed up colonial like Captain Cook (who first discovered Aussie) at the dock. Photo ops around every corner. The cruise was beautiful and the weather improved for it. We sailed under the harbor bridge, past the opera house, and saw great views of the city. I expected it to be kind of dumpy but it was a really nice ship that served us coffee and cake and had all sorts of decks and things. Then we spent some time wandering around Darling Harbour, a different harbour in Sydney that is very similar to Inner Harbour in Baltimore. Our program took us out for Mongolian Barbecue dinner (aaaah so good) and we trained it back to Petersham.

Oh I also proposed to this boy in my program today. But just because his last name is Von Herbulos. Andrea Von Herbulos has quite a nice ring to it, I think. He went on to inform me that his last name means Great Warrior. And my name means Andrea. So either him or his brother who he also recommended needs to marry me so my name can mean Mighty and Womanly Warrior (Andrea means womanly). Man with a name like that you’re set for life. hah!

My housemates are I are going to get into our PJ’s and watch a movie so I gotta go. Later!


One Response to “It’s raining it’s pouring but Sydney’s not boring”

  1. Kara Says:

    Mrs. Von Herbulos- Please update! It’s been a slow week at work and I need to live vicariously through your adventures!

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