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Back to school July 21, 2008

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Today was quite the day.  Yesterday our host brother roped us into babysitting for him, so this morning Cristina and I set off down the street to a random family’s house to earn a little cash.  We showed up at the door and the mom said, “Oh that Denning.  I must’ve told ‘im three times I don’t need ‘im today!”  So she promised to call us when she needed a sitter in the future and sent us on our merry way.  Since we didn’t have class till the evening, we figured we were dressed and ready to go anyways so we might as well head into the city.  See we have this amazing thing… an unlimited transportation pass.  It gets us anywhere within Sydney (which is UUUGE) for free, including buses, ferries, and trains.  It’s pretty awesome.  So why not?

We hit up some thrift shops in the heart of the city, and that was an experience!  There is something really awesome about going to Salvo in another country.  Makes it much more exciting.  Plus, Aussies dress better so it’s more promising.  Our goal was to buy some sweaters because it is freezing in the evenings here.  Aussies don’t install heat in their homes because they need it for so few months out of the year, and they are far less wasteful than we are in all aspects, but those months are frigid at night.  I have a little space heater in my room to fight off the chill, but even so, i feel like i could never be wearing enough layers at night.  I wore gloves to eat dinner in our kitchen last night.

Then Cristina and I went to The Rocks, a very historic section of Sydney that as a history dating back to the late 1700’s.  Our ASC director told us that we aren’t to consume any alcohol during our semester, which would be a bad idea anyways, but that we should frequent the pubs because they are a cultural experience here in Australia, and that we should order something called a Lemon Lime and Bitters when we go.  This is a non-alcoholic drink, kind of like an Aussie shirley temple but very sour, that all the pubs will serve to kids and stuff.  Pubs here are a family affair.  So me and Cristina tried our firsts Lemon Lime and Bitters while some Aussies tried to explain the rules of Footie (Rugby) to us on the telly (TV).  It went way over our heads but it was quite the experience.  We were in the oldest pub in all of Australia, called the Lord Nelson.

Later we went again to the harbour to see the bridge and opera house since Cristina hadn’t yet, and the second time around was even better than the first because the weather was beautiful today.  We got lost for the next several hours, lost including multiple forms of transportation like buses, trains, and even lost on foot, but eventually we found our way home and thanks to those handy-dandy passes weren’t poorer at the end of the ordeal.  Also, we met a really nice Aussie named Claire with wavy blonde hair who helped us at one point when we were really confused.  Myself, being the cool kid that I am, decided to tell her she reminded me of Claire from Lost.  Wonder if a lost tourist has ever told her that before? But she works with a Christian club at the University of Sydney and invited us to church with her, which was cool.

Tonight we got lost again going to school and my housemates and I arrived at our photography class an hour and a half late.  It’s only 3 hours once a week so that was pretty bad.  But the teacher forgave us and i’m really looking forward to the class.  Tonight my host sister hung out with us after dinner and we talked about the Australian music scene and her job, which is babysitting artwork in a famous island by the bridge. Then Roslyn came home with two nuns, who are pilgrims that were here for World Youth Day and had no place to spend the night because of delayed planes.  Roslyn is an awesome lady like that… even with 3 houseguests she’ll take more on and feed them to boot.

Well, I’m going long.  Tomorrow I am leading a devotional for our first day of ASC class so I need to go prepare.  Love you all.


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  1. Nadia Says:

    dude are you kidding me?! this all sounds amazing. an unlimited transportation pass! thrift shopping in Australia! adventures!
    glad to hear things are going so well. i’ll catch up with your other entries later 🙂 besitos

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