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Update July 2, 2008

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Well hey there! Or should i be stereotypical and say g’day mates?

It’s official! I have my visa (finally after blood sweat and tears) and I am just about ready to jump on that plane – minus the packing. I head out 2 weeks from today! Hard to believe!

Meanwhile, I have been up to all sorts of stuff this summer, including a missions trip to Panama for 10 days and working at Creation this past week. Now I just have to start packing! Which is not an easy task, let me tell you. Whether it’s 5 months or 4 months jammed into 2 large suitcases, it just always seems like I’m missing something and doing laundry way too often. But no worries!

So I heard from my new host mom! Her name is Roslyn and she sounds really cute! Actually… I’ll put her letter in here so you can read it if you want to! Here it is:

Hello from Sydney, Australia

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing my home with you during your stay in Sydney. Sydney is a wonderful city to live in and to visit. Our harbour is beautiful, but so are the many bays, I live 10 minutes away from a beautiful part of the harbour, called Iron Cove. I live in a 19th century house. It is a Victorian terrace, with 4 bedrooms and a live-in attic. There are 3 living areas downstairs so there is lots of space for everyone.

I have a big courtyard where we often have parties, which can comfortably accommodate 50 people. My home is 5 minutes from Leichhardt, which is Sydney’s little Italy with wonderful restaurants, coffee and gelato shops. Also nearby is Petersham shopping centre, which is famous for its Portuguese restaurants, and Marrickville, which is famous for its Greek food and connections. My all time favourite restaurant is a Thai restaurant in Marrickville, the Thang Huong. It is inexpensive but serves wonderful food. I am 53 and have 3 children, Jessica 24, Felicity 22 and Denning 21. They are of course on face book. We have one cat named Millie who likes to sleep on any clothes left on the floor.

I am a school counselor (psychologist) working in 3 schools, 1 day a week I work for Sydney University supervising trainee school counselors. I attend an Anglican church at Dulwich Hill where I teach Sunday School, and a home group meets in my house each Wednesday night. I have wonderful friends who I enjoy doing fun things with like walking, cycling, holidaying and sharing meals. I love art, the ocean, picnics, music, antiques, history, my garden, most things Italian, writing and photography.

Life is very busy and there is always a list of things to do but I would always prefer to spend time with people. Previous students have enjoyed my children showing them some of the places around Sydney that are their familiar haunts eg markets, coffee shops and music venues, as well as their favourite shops. The girls have really enjoyed getting to know the previous ASC students.

We live a 15 minute drive from Wesley, I have bicycles that you can ride if you wish, it takes around 30 or 40 minutes to cycle to Wesley, otherwise it is a ten minute walk to the bus stop and a 20 minute bus ride to Wesley. I live very close to good public transport, you can catch either a bus or a train to the city. It is only 8 kms to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from my house.

The street I live in has a wonderful park, Petersham Park, where cricket in is played in summer and baseball played in winter. There is also a public swimming pool in the park, providing “water views” from my balcony. In the past the girls have used the oval for running. At one end of the street are 2 small and popular coffee shops, The Palace Pantry and The Florist.

Previously I have taken students on a trip to Bondi Beach, and a walk along the cliffs at Watson’s Bay to the harbour entrance where the First Fleet sailed in to establish the colony of Sydney. On another weekend we drove to the World Heritage area of the Blue Mountains for the day where we stop off on the way in the hope of seeing kangaroos in the wild. There are lots of wonderful things to do. Hope this was helpul,


Doesn’t she sound amazing?! I think it’ll be a good semester. Anyways, more updates to come as I continue to prepare for the trip. Love to all!



2 Responses to “Update”

  1. ellie chase Says:

    I’m not sure “amazing” even skims the surface!!! Sounds like it’ll be a perfect match for you.

  2. Nadia Says:

    HOLY MOLY. I could not believe that letter!!!! I was reading it aloud to Kara Skarda (roomie for the summer) and basically freaking out about it the whole time. Could that be any more ideal?!?!? and for her to have kids our age and a cute house and cute things around. shoot giiiirl!!! Hope to see you soon! Still don’t know when I’m coming up…. maybe tomorrow? maybe next weekend?

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