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2 Words: Chocolate. Fountain. June 1, 2008

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Yes, tonight I enjoyed the scrumptiousity of a chocolate fountain.  In a 5-star restuarant?  At a wedding reception?  Nope.  In Lottie.  Messiah’s cafeteria.  Hah where else?

One of the directors at the Agape center was hosting a conference this weekend for service learning faculty at Christian colleges all over the US, and he asked me to play for this coffeehouse thing tonight.  It was pretty sweet, there was a masseuse there and amazing desserts and people could just kind of sit and listen to music while they enjoyed it all.  I busted out some Norah Jones and some Beatles stuff… you know, all the good sultry ones.  It was a lot of fun.  Sometimes I forget how much I love to sing and play keys.  When I do it.. I just get that feeling that I’m meant to do it. 

In other news, in celebration of Dana’s birthday we had a mother-daughter date to Changes Day Spa today and got manis and pedis.  (for all you men folk that is the abbrev for manicure and pedicure).  ahem.  We didnt’ really know what to expect walking into this spa place but what a bustling spot that is!  man!  I submit that it is one of the best spots for people-watching EVER.  The conversations that happen around you in the waiting room are priceless.  I was offered cappucinos while I waited.  I caught up on my magaizine reading for the next lifetime.  Which is probably not very healthy.  Anyways, good times. 

Australia approaches.  I registered for classes on friday and that was pretty sweet.  I am taking 17 credits, heaven help me.  It’ll be good though – they’re all pretty interesting courses.  And I have been shopping a lot.  I keep buying clothes for Australia and I am realizing that while I may look cute in Australia due to all this, I will most certainly NOT have the funds to do anything once i’m there if I keep it up.  Scary.  If you are around me when I buy clothes, please by all means use physical force to put the items back on the rack.  Enough is enough and this compulsive shopper needs to save up to have an adventure. 

Well time for bed.  Peace


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