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hump day May 22, 2008

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Today at work, somehow all of us workstudy students (there are around 8 of us in the admissions office) discussed what it would be like if Messiah decided not to celebrate Wednesdays, due to the potential double-meaning of the phrase hump day (don’t even ask me how this came up I have no idea).  Think about if everyone else considered wednesday to be a day of the week except your college.  You would have a greater proportion of weekend time which would be pretty nice.  We would have to make sure that was okay with prospective students.  “Just so you know… we offer over 60 majors, have approximately 3,000 students, and we don’t believe in Wednesdays”.  Oh the life of a summer workstudy… discussing the important issues in life. haha

In Australia news, one of my supervisors, Ellen, was talking with me about her experiences in Australia.  She used to fly through Sydney a lot on her way to Papa New Guinea, where she was raised as an MK.  Anyways, she said, “You know how we think Australians are really cool?  Well… the feeling isn’t exactly mutual.”  Why is it always like that?  Americans annoy the rest of the world somehow, or so they say.  It is true that Americans love Australian accents, and we stereotype them all as laid-back surfer types and think they are just so darn COOL.  But… to them, we’re like, give or take.  Eh.  Kind of annoying and uptight.  Our accents don’t make them melt like theirs do to us.  It was interesting.  Not like I was expecting to go there and be this hip exotic American girl or something, it’s just kind of weird to know that admiration we tend to have for Aussies doesn’t normally swing both ways.  Good mental prep for my time there.


2 Responses to “hump day”

  1. Sally Thomas Says:

    So glad you are back to blogging!
    I will travel to Australia with you and won’t feel the “Ugly American” thing!

  2. Sally Thomas Says:

    I am so glad you are back to blogging!
    I will travel to Australia with you and won’t feel the “Ugly American” thing!

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