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Back to the Beginning May 17, 2008

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long time no see.

I am back to blogging, in an effort to gear up for my next trip… Australia! (hence the name and theme change)

I will be living in Drummoyne, a suburb just outside of Sydney, Australia for the fall semester.  My flight is scheduled to leave July 15 and I return to the USA on November 15, which is great, because I will still be able to spend time with Messiah friends during the end of their fall term.  All in all the details are coming together.

The toughest thing so far has been dealing with my student visa for Australia.  Not only does the VISA cost over $300, but the Australian Embassy has required that I undergo a pretty detailed physical and get a chest x-ray to let me in (due to my time in Ecuador).  So that has been a little overwhelming as I try to send my documents in with time to spare before departure.  I am hoping and praying that everything comes together and my visa is approved before I leave!

This blog will mainly be centered around my Australia semester, but for the next 2 months it’ll be more about the ever-day oh-so-exciting happenings in PA.  Gotta appreciate it while it lasts, you know? : )

Tonight Lindsay is headed to her jr. prom with a bunch of girlfriends so I have been recruited to handle the makeup and manicure department in the getting-ready process.  Should be fun.  I would pay big money to see lindz dance the night away. haha.  I will have to make her take loads of pictures.

Until next post!


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