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wrapping it up December 21, 2007

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Well, this will be my last blog from South America. I think I will still keep using this site though, so keep checking in from time to time. Although I may not have any more strange or exciting i-just-got-attacked-by-fire-ants-in-the-jungle kind of stories, Mechanicsburg, PA isn´t all that bad. Life is interesting no matter where you go. : )

I am almost finished packing, and a little tired. The last few nights here have included quite a bit of salsa dancing and tonight we are going out for it again. I don´t plan on sleeping at all this evening, as a matter of fact. haha. Too bad people don´t like dancing that much in the states. what a shame! I will just have to just start a trend in grantham, i guess. I have been running last-minute errands like it´s my job and they keep piling up! But it will all get done.

Do I have mixed emotions about getting on the plane? No, not really. I am just 100% happy about it. I don´t feel like I´m saying goodbye to Ecuador or my Ecuadorian friends forever, and that helps. Also the fact that it was a bit of a rough morning with the host family (long story) made me a little more excited about gettin on that plane. I can´t wait to experience Christmas… actually let me tell you a couple of things I am so excited for:

– hugging my family (obviously)

– my own bed.. soft……. aaaah

– drinking coffee with my parents in the morning

– having a job and earning money (please remind me of this when I complain about it later)

– seeing college friends in j term and church and high school friends this week

– riding in the car with my sister… since she got her license while i was gone!

– starbucks. panera bread. juice and java. olive garden. el rodeo. red robin. need i say more?

– going to CLA. I miss that place.

– Snow.

– not experiencing the following: people peeing on the street in public, city pollution, cat calls, being pushed all the time, constantly smelling cigarette smoke, not being able to understand people, stomach infections, and being woken up by a large german shepherd

– hugging flossy (speaking of dogs)

– seeing our christmas tree – which may be fake but it is a good fake

– re-doing my room. it is going to be so fung shue. however you spell that… but it will include incense and bamboo plants.

– singing at the top of my lungs to music while i drive, although let it be known that i do not miss driving

– my hot tub

– seeing Brady Sebastian talk… haha i just can´t wait to see what that kid has to say about life

– using fabric softener to wash my clothes

– hot showers, for as long as i want, without waiting an hour and a half beforehand, with good water pressure, and softened water that doesn´t turn my hair into a rat´s nest

– easy and quick internet access

– thrift store shopping.  LOVE IT.  wanna go?

– playing the piano. I haven´t for at least a month now and I am slowly melting away to nothingness because of it

okay I´ll stop now. But let´s just say it will be nice to be home.

I have been so blessed to be here, blessed for the opportunity to travel and see a little bit more of the world. Until my next adventure, though, I am going to just glory in South Central Pennsylvania. haha.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support during this semester… that has meant so much to me and been such a blessing, I can´t even tell you. If you have a chance let out one last prayer that the flight will go smoothly tomorrow. I don´t tell people this a lot but I am super scared of flying. Even though I do it all the time. also, they have been closing the airport here a lot due to fog. So hopefully tomorrow it will be sunny and clear and no delays will be in store.

Take care and I will see most of you very very soon! Please give me a call anytime from sunday on… I want to see as many of you as i can as soon as possible!

Con amor,



2 Responses to “wrapping it up”

  1. Riley Says:

    Andrea! I’m so exicted for you to reunite with your familia!! I wish I could see you! Soon enough though. Thanks for blogging!! Happy traveling! :O)

  2. Ellie Says:

    -ellie chase
    -ellie chase and tradewinds
    -ellie chase,tradewinds and the tradewinds commercial

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