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3 DAYS BABY! December 19, 2007

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well i am one happy camper. I just finished my tejido essay, hereby completing academic semester #5 of my college experience. Both the easiest and hardest, in different ways. After studying for hours for my lit final this morning, I was pleasantly suprised with 7… yes 7… short answer questions, including ¨what was your favorite story and why?¨ Although my spanish answer may have been grammatically atrocious, you can`t go wrong with a question like that. If only Messiah finals could be like that…

For the past few weeks my friend Nadia has been heading up this superlatives thing among our friends. Kind of like senior yearbook… but we made up our own superlatives. For example, I won titles such as ¨craziest face maker¨, ¨best picture taker¨, ¨most willing to ask random people questions in spanish¨, ¨fanciest-dressed¨ (hah!), and ¨biggest lover of fanta¨, among others. We read all of them yesterday at bible study and had the best time at it. We also processed yesterday the things we have learned spiritually here… allow me to share a recap with you of what I said…

Before coming here, someone told me that your highs abroad are really high and your lows are really low. That is so true. I think of the times here that have been so amazing.. especially the trips to the galapagos, amazon, beach, those wonderful moments of conversation with ecuadorians, the friendships I have made that while last a lifetime, the memories of hilarious things that you could only really find funny if you were there (sadly), and the times when I drew so much closer to God because He was all I had. But the lows… there were plenty of those too. The homesickness, (soon to be cured!) the difficulty of ending a long-distance relationship, the many hospital visits, the nights when I tried to read a homework assignment and thought to myself that I hated this language I have to speak all the time… man, the rug just gets pulled out from under you overseas. And in retrospect, I have to say that without the lows, the highs wouldn`t have seemed so high… and I probably wouldn`t walk away having learned as much without those things. What a concept.

Spiritually, there have been times here when God has felt ¨closer than a brother¨ as the verse goes, and I have devoted myself completely to time with him. But, there have also been periods here when I haven`t given God the time of day and have wrapped myself up in the ¨fun¨ or the ¨not fun¨ and relied on myself for everything. Looking back, a little bit more consistency instead of what at times was like a spiritual roller-coaster would have been nice. But I will leave Quito without a doubt that I am supposed to come back… someday. How or when is still foggy, but I will let God do His thing and keep it a mystery for a little while. One step at a time.

Um… i should go pack…

Love you all montones,



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