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whoa HEY December 16, 2007

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so i have 6 days left in south america.  try THAT on for size.

I couldn`t be happier.  I loved Ecuador but I am so ready to leave.  I`m starting to pack, starting to say goodbye, and starting to frantically do all the things I want to do before I go.  And kind of not studying for my lit final on wednesday.

I put a bunch of pictures on facebook of the orphanage I`ve been working at, plus final projects like my completed weaving project and my modern dance recital.  so if you want to see that stuff… you know where to find it.

I have a cold which is kind of sad.  Being sick… story of my life.  Think I`ll stay in and watch a chick flick tonight.  And maybe listen to I`ll be home for christmas/i`m dreaming of a white christmas (but not so white my flight on the 22nd is delayed) on repeat all night…. haha we`ll see.  Love you all.

Hasta luego amorcitos


2 Responses to “whoa HEY”

  1. Tom Millington Says:

    Hola, Andrea,

    It was great seeing you in Quito last week! I hope you had a wonderful semester in Ecuador. I just checked out your blog and I like it–good job!

    Have a safe trip home.

    Have you had a milkshake lately?

    Un saludo,


  2. We cant wait to see you when we get home from MT!!!

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