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school`s out… for the winter… December 4, 2007

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I can say with a big smile that I am basically done with school.  All I have is a test on the 19th of december and that is IT.  It feels good.

Tonight we are all taking a night bus to guayaquil, and from there to montañita.  That`s the hippie beach I told you about earlier.  Then after two days there we are taking another bus to Canoa, another beach 4 hours further down the ¨Ruta del Sol¨ (route of the sun) on the south coast.  I am so ready for the beach.  Well, when am I not?  We`re hoping for good weather this time.  It was so beautiful this morning that I could see three different volcano peaks on the way to school, so with skies that clear we should be good to go. 

The bullfight on Sunday was AMAZING!!!!!!  oh my goodness.  I put a new album up on facebook so feel free to check it out.  I put a lot of captions explaining what`s going on with the pictures so if you want to learn some about it, you can.  It is a fascinating cultural experience.  But FYI, animal lovers, might not want to check out the pictures.  It`s pretty mean what they do to the bull.  Anyways, I`m SO glad I went and let`s just say the farm show rodeos kind of pale in comparison.. haha… although as usual I AM looking forward to the farm show.  Laugh if you want.  I am so there.

Things with my host mom have improved a bit… we haven`t talked about our ¨fight¨ on saturday, we`ve basically just both acted like nothing ever happened.  I think she heard me crying in my room that night and probably realized she should be a little nicer.  She even corrected a paper for me, so I can`t be too upset.  I know that at the end of the day my family here cares about me, and even though they might not show it the best, they want me to have a good experience here.  We all slip up, right?

I have to go to dance rehearsal… ciao chicos


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