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what a day December 2, 2007

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I have been in a 3-day-long bad mood and it is just really strange. My friends have noticed, I have noticed. Although I am very expressive and wear my heart on my sleeve, I never really considered myself a moody person.  Haha hopefully I don`t come off that way, at least.  I suppose part of this is due to the fact that I haven`t really had homework all semester and this weekend I am swamped with it, trying to write a 6-page literary analysis in spanish for one of the hardest teachers I`ve ever had. Right now my grade`s in jeopardy for this class and that equals death to my gpa. I need to just remind myself that my next 3 semesters will allow me to write papers in english and that has to count for something.

Without going into too much detail, tonight I had a very difficult conversation with my host mom that ended up with me in tears. There are many positives to my host family, and in so many ways they are wonderful. I am trying to remind myself that my host mom did not intend to be hurtful by what she said. Oddly enough, this conversation revolved around the fact that I do not always finish everything on my plate (after 3 courses each night) and that this causes my family to feel that I don`t care for them or their cooking. I find myself trying every night to eat as much as I can but there are times when I feel like if I eat another bite I will be sick. I have never before had so little control over my portions. Yet, in these moments I remind myself that so many people have the opposite problem – not enough food – and I need to look at this as a learning experience.

Let`s change the subject. Tomorrow I am going to a bullfight. The bullfights are going on just a 5-minute drive from here in a huge complex that is only used once a year for the fiestas de quito holiday. Two of the matadors I will be seeing tomorrow are from Spain and one is from Ecuador. I am told that this is comparative to a horse race; everyone dresses to the hilt. It will be sort of sad to watch them brutally kill the bulls, as I have heard is pretty gruesome, but I am chalking it up to a good cultural experience that I may never get again. Christa and I are going together… we ended up being the only ones willing to pay for the $30 tickets, the cheapest we could find. Hopefully I won`t be as confused watching this tomorrow as I normally am during the super bowl game. No wisecracks, please. : ) Fiestas de Quito was something I originally thought would just take place on Dec. 5th and 6th, since those are the days we get off school, but I was terribly wrong. It is this like week-and-a-half-long ginormous city-wide party. Traffic is interesting… I spent an hour in a taxi last night to get to heather`s house which is 5 minutes away…and every place in town is all decked out. I am kind of glad that we`re going to the beach on tuesday and avoiding the craziest days of it. But the whole town has a fun vibe to it lately and that`s a lot of fun. One of the maids, Aurorita, came out tonight in heels and makeup and a nice dress and told me she was going out dancing with some friends for the fiestas. It was so precious! I about died of the cuteness of it all and the way she laughed and was excited about it.

Okay anyways I`m gonna go… paz y amor


4 Responses to “what a day”

  1. wallwatcher Says:

    OK Sister,

    I asked Him to help you with the stress from this Spanish exam thing. BTW–check out my blog or the CLA Newsletter for Pastor Craig’s essay this month on “More…” It’s awesome!
    Oh–and one exam or course grade is *not* DEATH to your GPA–it might take a slight hit, but it’s far from *0*!! In my freshman year, I had a 1.5!!! but I recovered and ended with a 4.0, so give yourself some room to be human! BASTA! con el consejo…

  2. (annonymous) Says:

    Can’t wait to see what Momma Maria will have to say about this one. . . . . .

  3. hey girl, this is Jamie, you should look at my blog

  4. joe Says:

    you choose your atitude, the people and things around you are just the ones that influence that.

    im sure you have heard that before but i thought i would just but that thought process back in your mind.
    much love

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