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ummm hi November 29, 2007

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I am writing a blog without really having too much to say…

basically i just want finals to be done.  i knew lit was going to kill me at the end of the semester… ugh

i´m in a bad mood


but last night i watched nacho libre with kara and it was so much funnier after living in latin america


tonight we have a thanksgiving dinner with our study abroad program

hmm aaand i don´t like bananas anymore.  in fact when i see one i want to vomit.  because i have had to eat one or more every day for 4 months.  BASTA CON LOS BANANOS


One Response to “ummm hi”

  1. Annamaria Says:

    Awww Andrea,

    Take courage Sister, even finals will end! “enuff wid da bananas?” hehehe You’re projecting your frustration onto them! But I guess that’s ok too! Better be irritated with the bananas than someone at school or at home.

    Poor Kim Nissly has been eating rice and mystery meat for her entire semester in Soweto! She says ” I
    live in a four room house with 11 other people, no shower and no hot
    water.” her mother tells me they are really poor and not even Christian, so she can’t get to church. But she will be home soon, so that’s good.

    Being outside your comfort zone for any length of time is seriously hard on the nerves. I can appreciate that one. I spent a year without a bath or running water in the mountains of Kentucky once–when I came home I burned all my clothes and took a four hour bath!

    It’s time you hooked up with skype and called home-if you can!

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