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thankful. November 21, 2007

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In the spirit of thanksgiving, I have decided to blog today about things that I am grateful for. I have a lot of free time right now so it might be long… but this will help keep kara occupied on the job so i don`t feel too bad about it : )

* I am thankful for my family. Tom Dana and Lindsay. More than ever before, due to the distance. Some of my friends here don`t really miss theirs and that makes me sad for them because it`s so good to miss home I think.

* I am thankful for the opportunities I have. Yes, I have been born into a life of privilege, and I don`t want to take that for granted. I can go to school as long as I want, get a decently-paid job pretty easily, without having to do hard labor, and I have the means to travel. That`s huge.

* I am so thankful that God has provided me with incredible friends. Just so you know… if you`re reading… you`re automatically included in that haha

* I am so glad I can get up every morning and feel good about who I am. I know so many girls… well people in general.. that struggle with self-image and go through life feeling like they aren`t enough. God has helped me to be cool with who I am even though I am weird and as my dad and I like to say, ¨fly my freak flag¨.

* I`m thankful for the chance to have been taken out of my safe Christian bubble for a semester. It`s taught me a lot. I grew up on a christian college campus, at CLA my whole life… now being in a secular school without my home church and spiritual mentors… my faith is more my own. It has to be. There is nothing left to lean on and I think we all need those times.

* I`m thankful for my own car. Relying on public transportation for 4 months… that will teach you to appreciate you own set of wheels, believe me

* I`m grateful that I almost always feel safe.

* I`m so glad I don`t stress out about school. Everyone I know who does just seems unhappy. (Not endorsing slacking in school… fyi…had to disclaimer that because after all it is the internet and people like to misinterpret)

* After meeting many people who have trouble sleeping, I`ve realized what a blessing it is to be able to put my head on the pillow and instantaneously fall asleep and sleep like a rock until my alarm… until I hit snooze 10 more times…until beatriz starts pounding on my door…

* I`m thankful for the ability to remember.

* I`m glad I`m outgoing. I feel like that impacts my life in almost every way.

* I`m so glad I`m not a math or science major. That probably crosses my mind at least once a day.

* I`m glad for the Celine Dion Christmas CD. Heather told me her Ecua family listens to it and now I feel like her host mom and I are soul sisters

* I`m really thankful for bright colors. Is that weird? I kind of thrive on surrounding myself with them slash wearing them.

* I`m thankful for hard teachers who have taught me to think critically. Even though maybe I hated that learning process at the time.

* I just really like soft lighting. And how my dad is obsessed with dimmer switches. Because here people only have fluorescents everywhere and it is PUTRID.

* I am grateful for all music with the exception of screamo and anything generated in the 80`s. oh and select classical as I mentioned below. But everything else… it`s just sweet.

* I am pretty glad that I have a dog that doesn`t bark. Aw I miss little Flossy

* I am thankful for vinegar which makes everything taste better.

* I love laughing. And isn`t it cool that God designed it so you burn calories while you do it? I mean honestly

* I love the beach. And how no beach is alike. And especially sunsets combined with beach.

* I am so thankful to know another language because I feel like it has opened the door to a whole new world. Wow that sounded so aladdin-y but do you know what I mean? I can communicate with a whole other continent now.

* I`m really thankful for TRADEWINDS. and missionettes conventions that accompany them.

* I am really glad I`m not an only child because Lindsay makes being a Britton that much cooler. Having a sibling is such a funny thing because you fight like cats and dogs all through childhood and then freakishly bond later. Lindsay remember that time you made me bleed? hahaha. Oh those were the days

* I just really love microwaves. They are so amazing to me. And when I grow up I think I might invent a reverse type microwave to make things cooler in seconds. Like you know when your ice cream starts to melt and you are just like, I wish this would unmelt. Or you just bought a 2 liter soda but it`s warm. And you want to take care of that and break it open. You just wait it will happen.

* I am thankful that I am relatively healthy.

* I am grateful for things that smell good such as fresh laundry and ashcombe`s and abercrombie fierce cologne and bonfires and the way our house smells when my parents make rutabakers and anything coconut lime verbera and the bubblegum scented fog machine at venve.

* I am so glad for technology and the ability to communicate more easily than ever.

* I`m really thankful for artists and mentors who inspire me.

Man I could go on for days but I have to go now…

happy thanksgiving

tell me what you`re thankful for.  i`m curious


8 Responses to “thankful.”

  1. Kara Says:

    I am thankful for you posting this and being the reason that I died of boredom only 11 times today, instead of 12.

  2. Riley Says:

    Andrea–i’m thankful that I am going to be a math major! haha! you’re awesome! :o)

  3. ellie chase Says:

    i’m thankful for movies. even though they are currently the greatest cause of stress in my life, they are also one of the biggest reasons for me to rejoice.

  4. Em Says:

    Similar to Riley: I’m thankful I’m a science major (specifically nursing, which is even better). Miss you.

  5. I can’t believe you put celeon dion over the microwave…. Happy thanksgiving!!!

  6. Dana Says:

    I’m thankful that it is only 29 more days untl we can all be together again.

  7. Aimee Says:

    I am thankful that I got to hear your voice!!! See you soon!

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