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Music November 19, 2007

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Lately I have been thinking about music.

(oh by the way this goes out to my friend ryan gerber who told me yesterday that my blog gets him through sociology class.)

What is it about music that has such a deep impact on me? It can completely change my mood, inspire me to do things, make me cry, make my sides hurt laughing. Life seems so empty without it and so whole with it.


Not that I don’t hear a lot of music here. On the contrary, I probably listen to a lot more music here than I do at home. It’s so different, if you’ve ever been in Latin America you know what I’m talking about. Walking down the street or on a bus or sitting in my house, it’s playing from some loudspeaker. In my house my parents listen to Frank Sinatra-y music in Spanish. Out in the city it’s reggaeton, with repetitive pounding beats and lyrics that I know are probably super-sketchy but I can’t understand them anyways so it doesn’t bother me too much.


Yet with all of this music, which sometimes seems a little more like noise to me, I feel deprived. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal living without a piano for five months, but wow. It`s to the point that in Australia I might request a family with a piano. I never sing in Ecuador. Ever. Can’t, really. It’s weird. It had become such an integral part of me that I didn’t even consider what life would be like without it, and now I know. One thing that has helped this so much has been my ipod, which might sound weird. Almost every day I sit in my room for a long time with my ear buds in, most of the time listening to the worship playlist. It’s also really odd how I don’t have much of a desire to listen to secular music here. I just crave worship in the strangest way. It’s different to passively sit and listen to it rather than to create it myself like I was used to, but I can’t explain how much of a blessing it is just to have that.

I didn`t major in music when I went to college, or even minor in it. I feel like Messiah`s music program mostly focuses on classical. And as much as I love music, classical music is not something I would ever choose to study or listen to.  Sorry, Bach.  No offense, RIP.  (oh PS i dislike classical music WITH THE EXCEPTION of Chopin who holds a special place in my heart for his nocturnes and preludes.)  So I figured if studying it made me like it less, I might as well ¨do it on the side¨.

You can always find someone who doesn’t like something. You know, so-and-so doesn’t like reading, so-and-so isn’t into sports, so-and-so doesn’t ever watch TV. But have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like at least listening to music? Why is that? I think we`re wired for it. Maybe me more than others… but yeah.

Sometimes I just want to do that for the rest of my life.

Well, if that doesn`t work out i`ll at least be one of those eccentric old ladies that teaches piano lessons. But I refuse to have 100 cats.


2 Responses to “Music”

  1. lindsay Says:

    hahaha I love the last line…
    dude, i feel you on this one.. i think i would die without that stuff. aw i can’t wait to have you come home and play the piano in the living room. that sounds gay but seriously, that is one of the things we miss the most. i do my best to fill in, but it’s not the same! and by the way, i’m playing a chopin nocturne and i love it! you probably played it… dude it’s almost a month! i can’t contain the excitement!!

  2. Kara Says:

    oh my gosh… i keep checking your blog (among others) every two seconds because things are really, really, really slow at work this week due to Thanksgiving. I think I’ve been to every appropriate site on the Internet twice already and there are seven hours left in my work day!!

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