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sigh of relief November 18, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Andrea @ 12:57 am

It`s over with… I got my nose pierced today after debating it all semester.  It was time for a little change.  Don`t worry, no tatoos in the future.  Only stuff that`s reversible. : )

And yes, I cried.  I held my friend kelley`s hand.  It hurt SO much more than the last time.  but cost 45 dollars less… so i guess it all evens out.


2 Responses to “sigh of relief”

  1. Annamaria Says:


    OK Sister–at least the piercing is in a visible area! Here’s a blog for another set of interns in Africa–they’ve got similar impulses!! ; )))


  2. ellie chase Says:

    haha, I still don’t understand why you do it when it makes you cry… 😉

    Tristey and I are already planning for our fabulous Christmastime

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