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what`s happenin November 17, 2007

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you know you have been in quito for a little too long when instead of going salsa dancing or trying some cool new restaurant on a friday night, you and your friends hang out inside of mcdonalds until 1 in the morning.  haha good grief, i could do that in grantham.  You know what they say, it`s not what you`re doing, it`s who you`re with.

Some news of late:

– i have broken out the christmas music.  please don`t shun me; they don`t celebrate thanksgiving here

– kara`s family is coming to visit all this coming week

– i haven`t had homework for the last 2 weeks.  not one thing

– i got a care package from the church and it made me so happy.  everyone needs a p. craig sermon once and a while, you know?

– i`m going to a bullfight in 10 days

– i am getting my nose pierced today.  (for the second time)

– i am in the process of trying to join a gym for the last month here. eating nothing but rice and bread and potatoes will do a number on you

–  it`s still sunny and 70. 

Oh before I go, one more order of business.  Lately I have been getting a lot of people asking me, ¨How`s Equador?¨ Sorry people, but I kind of have a pet peeve about this… Ecuador is spelled with a C.  Don`t feel like you`re a spelling neanderthal or anything…it`s a common mistake….but just to set the record straight.

Paz y Amor, Andréa


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