Going Down Under

…My life abroad

hmm November 16, 2007

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Being abroad is a funny thing.


(understatement of the YEAR.)


It’s so funny living with another family because part of you feels like they’re your family and the other part of you feels like an awkward guest that’s overstayed your welcome.  And you feel embarrassed to ask for stupid things like ice for your water or if you can borrow some nail polish remover because after all, they’re NOT your family.  But you hug and kiss them like they are, you tell them what’s going on in your life because it’s the best substitute for getting to talk with your real parents, and you know they might forget your name after a few years like they have forgotten names of host students from years past, but they’re all you have and you know they still care about you.  And I think about the comforts of home and how I will never take them for granted anymore but then I wonder how long it will take until I take them for granted again.


It’s funny to think that when I get back I will expect life to pick up where I left off, but so much will have changed.  Lindsay will be driving.  My mom will have a new position at work.  My cousin will be married.  Our church will have a new youth pastor that I don’t know.  A lot of my friends are in new relationships.  Messiah has changed a bit.  School will seem strange.  My friends will be living in their apartments on campus if they’re not abroad somewhere or in Philly.  Of course these changes are good, but change is so much nicer when it eases up on you instead of kind of all of a sudden being there one day.  Pero, así es la vida.


It’s funny knowing that when you get back people will ask you, “So, how was it?”  And I’ll tell them it was great and changed my life, and there probably won’t be many follow-up questions, if any…which is understandable.  And the only person who will ever really get it is God because he’s the only one who’s walked through this with me and will continue to for the next 6 weeks.


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