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mi cita con sarita November 15, 2007

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This is my friend sara (and her rock of an engagement ring): Sara

Sara is one of my best friends here in Ecua. She goes to school in DC, which is sweet because we´ll be able to see each other fairly often even after this semester. One thing I love about this girl is that she is always going on ¨dates¨ with us. I have had a few dates with Sarita, and it is so cute because we get all dressed up and go to some cute restaurant and have the best time. Sara kind of reminds me of my mom because she is always asking these great deep questions of you. When people ask you questions, it´s such a way of showing they care about you. Anyways, last night she wanted to suprise me with a special restaurant. I showed up at the street and she showed me this cute little italian place. In the US this place would be costing you about 40 bucks a plate. But thankfully we´re in Ecua so it was just around 10 bucks for a super fancy meal. At some points there were like 3 people waiting on us… and at one point this waiter came up to sara and tied a really fancy bib around her!! oh man. It was the perfect little date, complete with an unexpected fireworks display that we could see perfectly from the windows. My host family made me eat my leftover pasta this morning for breakfast so it woudln´t go bad. haha. they´re kind of crazy. But anyways… go on dates with your girlfriends. if you´re a girl. or a guy, i guess. haha.

I think relationships deserve intentionally planned solid one on one heart to heart talks. they just do. So often we can waste time with our friends watching movies or just talking about dumb stuff…but I am learning that friendships can and should go deeper than that.


One Response to “mi cita con sarita”

  1. Kara Says:

    This is so true. My friends and I have actually been talking a lot about this lately. We especially want to be intentional in our friendships because this will likely be the last year that we all have together, before heading to all corners of the earth.

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