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Thank you, flash drive. November 14, 2007

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boooo my flash drive has a virus on it. i wish i wasn`t computer illiterate and knew how to fix it.

see the last time i put it into my computer it started going crazy with all these weird messages and screens and i thought it was going to crash. and that would mean a loss of all ecuador pictures and itunes (5,000 plus songs that I`ve been meaning to back up on cd but who has time for that). not knowing what was going on i assumed i needed to make some more room on my hard drive so i started going through my computer deleting everything i didn`t need. Of course now I found out that had nothing to do with the problem but hey you can always use more C drive space, right?

if you`ve ever cleaned out your computer before, it is quite the experience. i found myself going through tons of old pictures from the beginning of college. a lot of the people in those pictures are people i haven`t seen in months. some of them i haven`t had a relationship with since years ago. and there we are in the pictures, with some crazy pose that i made everyone do because normal smiling pictures kind of bore me, enjoying the moment and not thinking about how things might be different later. and i wondered if the people who are in my pictures now will be in my pictures 2 and a half years from now.

then i went into my documents. i started reading some of the papers i wrote freshman year for my intro to psych class and such. it is very odd to go back and read papers you have written, especially when you are a psychology major because the topics are often opinion based and my opinions change so often. i realized just how much i have changed since i began college 2 and a half years ago. i also got kind of worried because i have to go back to messiah next semester and write even harder papers, and after this semester of writing at a 3rd grade level in spanish, that will be interesting.

I stumbled across a lot of things… a letter I wrote my mom on her birthday one time, journal entries that i have written randomly on my laptop because typing saves time, songs I wrote and forgot about, and my favorite… a quotes list that me and my freshman roomate made. my freshman roomate, one of the funniest girls I know, had bright purple hair and loved ska music more than life itself. i was laughing so hard and some of the things we said to each other that tears were streaming down my face. my host family probably thought i was losing it from the next room. haha. Then I came across a list my communications professor from fr. year had us make… a list of 200 things that we were thankful for. I hadn`t seen it since the day I turned it in, and there I was reading through it and discovering who I was all over again.

i don`t know why i`m telling you all of this. i guess going through your hard drive just makes you a little nostalgic and think a lot. So in a weird way, thank you, flash drive, for getting a virus.


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  1. Meg Tyson Says:

    Yo. I’m going to Chile in 08!

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