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i ate your childhood pet November 12, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Andrea @ 4:34 pm

Yes.  It is true.  This weekend, I ate guinea pig.

It is called cuy in Spanish and considered a delicacy here in Ecuador.

The plate came out and it was just a whole guinea pig, prepared like fried chicken, the main differences being that I could see the little feet and hands sticking up in the air and it´s whole head was on my plate.   Oh and that I could barely get down the only 2 bites of it that I ate because it was so disgusting.

And it cost me 12 dollars…merr


3 Responses to “i ate your childhood pet”

  1. awsome!!!! I know a kid who cried over a dead g pig….

  2. Annamaria Says:


    Another good reason to swear off “meat”! When I was in Kentucky, the local folks fed me mountain oysters for my birthday–grey, slimmy lumps, floating in grey “gravy”…cause I told them oysters were my favorite food… I could not eat them…

  3. ellie chase Says:

    I am so proud of you. Guinea pig is on my list of weird foods I want to eat around the world. Testicles, however, are not mentioned anywhere.

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