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i heart tortugas November 6, 2007

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It´s tuesday… i´m about to leave for dance class…but last night we flew back in quito from the galapagos islands.

for all those of you who have heard of them and always wanted to go or have never heard of them because you didn´t pay attention in science class…


it was 4 days of amazing-ness.  and sea-sickness, in many cases.  but totally worth it and i am so glad i had the opportunity to go.  we snorkled three times with sea lions and sea turtles!  and saw all kinds of crazy animals.  plus stayed in a pretty sweet hotel right on the nicest beach i´ve ever seen.  but i´ll let my pictures do the talking… they will be coming up online after i get out of class (hopefully.  in the computer labs here, you never know).  I didn´t want to come home.. by home meaning quito i guess… but should be a relatively stress-free week.  today for our girls bible study i´ll be leading an hour or so of worship in one of the piano practice rooms and it will be so odd but cool leading worship for the first time in months.

Be checking facebook for the three or four or maybe more albums from this weekend!


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