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last day with dad October 25, 2007

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in about 12 hours my dad is getting on a plane to go back home, and im staying here in Quito.  Its hard, im not gonna lie.

(excuse my bad punctuation…no functioning apostrophe key on this keyboard.  its always something, haha)

But you know, its been such a great visit.  For the last 9 days we have done a ton of fun stuff, and had great conversations.  There was a lot to talk about and catch up on.  Its funny when you realize how things at home just kind of go on even when youre not there.  do you ever think that way – like when your gone nothing should happen without you?  but it makes the thought of going home exciting.  i have two months left.  i think it will go fast, things like this always do.  We are going to the Galapagos Islands next weekend, and that is the trip I have most looked forward to all semester.  You need not wonder if I will take lots of pictures to show you.  Got it covered.

So, what exactly have we been doing?  Well, tonight we are going out to dinner with my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Gabriel, who happens to be visiting her at the same time as my dad is here.  Today dad sat in on my dance class and watched me do my solo presentation…you are going to laugh but for this project I just adapted this old human video from our Mexico trip…the puppet one where you dance like a marionette.  See, missions dramas CAN help you in life.  Im living proof.  it was a big hit.  Today we had breakfast together at the hotel, too and that was really nice.  One kind of weird thing about my host family is that I have the exact same thing for breakfast everyday, so I just about kissed my scrambled eggs and bacon.  Yesterday I took dad to an artisan market and we did some souvenir shopping.  It felt strange to go souvenir shopping at this point in the semester…I dont feel like a tourist anymore, I was telling him.  It is such a tourist-y thing to do.  Then we went to the orphanage and he volunteered with me after we took a tour of the facility.  He just loved it, and as usual, he was a big hit with the kids.  I have been very impressed with my dads ability to connect with the people of ecuador despite the fact that he speaks very little spanish.  he keeps telling me how he wants to learn it now and i think he would be able to pretty easily based on how much hes learned in 9 days.  We both fed special needs children their dinner and we talked about that experience.  I am sure he will talk a little more in his blog about how pivotal that experience was for him yesterday.

The day before, a highlight was that he shared at the bible study i have with about 10 other BCA students.  He talked about the book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, having a dream and going after it as young people.  Again, he was a big hit! I think what he talked about was so appropriate for all of us.  Its so true that we need to be willing to take risks in our walk with God instead of playing it safe.  He told us this great quote which was something like, we should be more afraid of missing out than messing up in our lives, in a spiritual sense.  Anyways, get a recap from him sometime because it was awesome.

Well, I could go on, but thats enough for now.  Know that you are all missed so much and I appreciate you checking this blog… I wish I could call each one of you individually and let you know how much you mean to me and connect with you, but thats not too realistic!  Take care and have a good one…


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