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hey from mindo! October 21, 2007

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Well, I am writing from an internet café in Mindo, sitting next to my dad.  I am still trying to get over the shock/jealousy from reading jamie´s blog to find out she met jennifer garner. 

Things the past few days have been interesting, to say the least.  My Dad and I have joked about this trip, because it honestly seems like almost anything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong.  His flight was really delayed, we had to switch him into a hotel because there were teenagers partying outside of his room until the wee hours of the morning two nights in a row.  Then thursday night I was up all night sick and went into the hospital all morning on friday, missing a big lit test.  Then get this…after I get out of the hospital finding out I have bacterial intestinal infection number 2 for this semester, I come down with a head cold the very same night.  I´m like…are you serious?  Then yesterday we went up to the teleferico after wating an hour for the bus and it pours rain, and once we get to the top the clouds are so thick we can´t see a thing.  We just laughed so hard.  Maybe Satan is mad that my Dad is so cool and gets to come visit me and wants to ruin it… well boo on him and I´m not gonna let it stop me!  intestinal infection, cold and all we are still having fun here in Ecua.  I love seeing this place through my dad´s eyes.  He seems to be having a ball and he´s picking up some Spanish, too.  I also gave him a salsa lesson and he did so well! 

Today we went to see the hummingbirds at El Descanso, then to the orchid gardens.  Afterwards we went to this sweet place where you can eat lunch on a table that is a boat on a lake and you paddle yourself around while you eat!  Then we both did a zipline…I happened to bang my head against a tree at the end but you win some you lose some, you know?….and went through a butterfly farm.  We´re taking a little break now before going four wheeling!  Should be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow I´m gonna take him to Old Town and that´ll be really cool. 

Please keep my health in your prayers if you get a chance!  Hope you´re all doing well… enjoying that gorgeous PA fall Ellie raves about…oh PS is it true what I have heard that the leaves are falling from the trees while they´re still green?  i just can´t have that.  later muchachos


3 Responses to “hey from mindo!”

  1. Annamaria Says:


    Check this article out. The kinds of infections you’re getting are also plaguing students up here–everywhere. Following the guidelines in the article is a good way to stay healthy! I know you and your father are having a really happy time together!


  2. Jamie Sebastian Says:

    I knew you would appreciate our day in NY – wish you could have been there — more so I wish I could be there with you. I miss you so much and I am so jealous your dad gets to be there – but oh so happy for you, isn’t that so comforting. The best part is when you come home and have stories he will know the people and places – that makes it so nice when telling stories.

  3. ryangerber Says:

    ha! this is almost like watching mr. bean meets mr. magoo- please stay away from chainsaws, andrea!

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