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October 18, 2007

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It just occurred to me how appropriate my little banana smoothie blog layout is.  I probably eat like 2 bananas a day here.  My host family gives me one every morning for breakfast.  I´m always impressed with the perfect amount of ripeness in the bananas they give me.  Not too green and not too brown and bruisy.  Not that I´m a banana snob, but I mean, the green ones are too moist and not sweet enough and even though i know it can´t hurt me i just don´t like eating those brownish spots on bananas when they´re long past ripe.  Are you one of those people that peels off the little banana strings like I do?  It kind of reminds me of string cheese….


My dad got in last night!  His flight was delayed quite a bit which was a bummer, but he arrived sano y salvo (safe and sound).  It was kind of funny… I was a little over-excited to see him at the airport and in the process of waiting outside the gate I mistook two different men for him from a distance before I got the right guy.  To the one I actually yelled out ¨DAD!¨ to which he gave me a confused look when he got up closer and everyone saw it happen.  He brought so many comforts from home in his suitcase….felt like Christmas a few months early!  Including….salt and vinegar chips, my fleece blanket, some special sauces, a new david crowder cd.  so exciting!  i showed him around the university today and he sat in on one of my classes.  it just so happened that during this particular class this girl was giving a presentation about safety in ecuador – in regards to sex, drugs, and alcohol.  hahaha these are the moments it hits me more than ever that i´m not at messiah college anymore.  at one point she said that she would give the ¨advice¨ to make sure we buy drugs here from ecuadorians that we know, and if we don´t know anyone we can get them from, we can come to her because she´s got connections.  Meanwhile my dad is sitting there…taking all of this in…trying to catch the cognates in spanish as they fly around the room.  The teacher told me to translate to my dad that our class isn´t ALWAYS like that. 

Things are going great and more updates to come as the week goes on!


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  1. Tristin Says:

    Andrea I’m so glad you get to see your Dad. Have a great time with him. Miss you!!!

  2. I am glad that P tom arrived safely in Equador…. Hey you should read Jamie’s blog. You will flip who we met. We actually went to a really clean broadway show, and it figures that you were out of the country…..

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