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SO excited! October 17, 2007

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The day has finally come… my dad is going to fly in tonight at 6:30!!

Words cannot really describe how excited I am.  It´s been something I´ve looked forward to ever since I found out a month ago.  I am so happy that God has blessed me with a family I can miss so much!  Even though it stinks to be homesick, I would rather be homesick than not be homesick.  I am really curious to see how my dad will react to my life here… I mean, it is just so totally different.  I wonder if he will be shocked at how crazy different it is.  It will be so weird because he will have to rely on my to translate everything and I know that can be frustrating, but it will be awesome to introduce him to so many people that have impacted my life here.

I have a whole little schedule planned out with stuff to do every day.  Tonight my host family is coming with me to pick him up at the airport and we´re having a welcome dinner for him.  kara and her host family from upstairs are gonna eat with us, too.  Tomorrow he´ll get to go with me to the university and sit in on my classes, and after going out to dinner I have planned for all of my friends to go out salsa dancing to the best place in town, so after giving him a little tutorial, he can try salsa with me!  Friday we are gonna go to the movies, which is a special father-daughter thing we have goin on back at home.  And over the weekend I´m gonna take him to Mindo to see the more exotic naturey side of ecuador!  Lots of fun stuff ahead… unfortunately homework is piling up and i hope it doesn´t get in the way!

There´s a bunch of things I have to remember to warn him about…like remembering the ¨ecua-kiss¨ when greeting new people, not assuming that any vehicle will stop for pedestrians, how to keep his wallet safe, etc, but I think he´ll adjust just fine and I know we´ll have a great time.  Keep him in your prayers that all of his travels will go smoothly and that he won´t get altitude sickness or stomach sick!

wish all of you could sneak into his suitcase…

may be a while till i get a chance to write again, so… until then!


One Response to “SO excited!”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I hope you guys have a blast. I am so excited for you!

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