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back to Quito October 15, 2007

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I know I´ve blogged a couple times already about the beach…i could probably have written 5 more for all the funny stuff that happened to us…but let me finish up with the saga that happened yesterday.

We kind of putzed around all day yesterday because it was raining again and we had to check out and everything.  it had taken us a lot longer to get to the beach than we had thought, so we were a little worried about making it back in time for classes this morning.  we planned to leave at 4.  throughout the day i occupied my time with buying earrings.  haha well not all day…slight exaggeration…but i did buy like 7 pairs of earrings.  one pair is peacock feathers.  they´re kind of outrageous but when you buy earrings for one dollar you can´t go wrong.  i was just gettin´my hippie on.   you know how i do.   HAHA!

well we decided to leave as early as possible, so we started walking out of the town around 4 pm to try to get to the main road and catch a bus to puerto lopez and from there to quito.  but we had no idea what the schedule was.  when we were walking out of the town it was such a surreal experience.  all the shopkeepers and restaurant owners and people we had met like came out to the street and waved at us as we walked out with our bags saying, don´t leave!  come again soon!  straight out of a movie, no lie.  WHAT a weird town.

Anyways, we show up at the main road and see the band from the night before…the sweet regaae-but-can-play-any-cover-amazingly-well band…standing there too.   they tell us how the bus drivers and still on strike but offer us a ride to guayaquil in their PRIVATE BUS.  we´re like…this can´t be happening.  i mean first of all we were kind of acting like star-struck teeny boppers because we couldn´t believe the band was even talking to us let alone offering us transportation.  so we changed plans, piled into the bus like one big happy family, and had an entertaining 4 hour ride to guayaquil.  that´s the biggest city in ecuador, bigger even than quito.  the bus ride was pretty hilarious.  we drove by this huge mountain of salt and the drummer goes, hey look, the world´s biggest mountain of cocaine.  and kara without really thinking about it takes a picture out the window!! hahahahah.  i can´t even really tell you how funny that bus ride was.  oh man.  at one point i asked everyone in the van to say what they had just been thinking about out loud after like 10 minutes of silence.  you should have heard some of the stuff.  i was thinking about how hard it is going to be to remember to put toilet paper in the toilet when i get back home and how embarrassing it will be when i forget and people find unpleasantries in their trash cans.

so when we arrive to guayaquil our chummy band friends help us find the bus terminal and buy tickets to quito.  which was wicked nice of them considering how lost and confused we would have been otherwise.  then we board THE WORST bus of our lives.  for those of you who were there for the infamous honduras bus experience, this gives it a run for its money.  the driver drove like such a maniac that we got to quito 2 hours earlier than we should have.  the whole time the bus felt like it was going to fall apart and i was shaking just as much as when jon krebbs comes up to me at church and shakes me like he always does.  oh dear.  then we get back to quito and our host family changed the locks and forgot to tell us so we´re waiting outside at 4 in the morning.   I can only hope we will laugh about this later…

actually i´m laughing already.

dad comes in 2 days!!!!!!!  AAAH!


One Response to “back to Quito”

  1. Kara Says:

    I loved this entry! All your descriptions are so great that I can imagine it happening. Especially the bus ride equivalent to a Jon Krebbs shake.

    I started my own little pre and during Thailand blog.

    (i think that’s the right address)
    I haven’t had much time to blog yet, but hopefully I will, especially when I’m actually in Thailand.

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