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Reggae in the Rain October 14, 2007

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I have heard so much bob marley and jack johnson in the past few days… it´s hilarious. 

This is a town that is so bizarre.  everything has a tiki roof.  rooms are painted kiwi and pink and red and magenta.  incense burns in every room.  10 people come up to me every hour trying to sell me hemp bracelets.  there´s bonfires, handmade clothing stores, dred locks, tatoo parlors (don´t worry…not happening), and above all…lots of rain.  it´s rained all of the past 3 days. 

Friday night I had a bit of a scare.  I woke up in the middle of the night and was so sick i had to wake up a bunch of the girls.  I was shaking really bad and there were other things I won´t go into…haha…they ran for a doctor because i was in really bad shape and came back with the owner of hola ola cafe…who came to our room and when he saw me shaking on the bathroom floor, gave me the wise medical opinion that i ¨just needed to get all of the (cuss word) out of my stomach¨.  Not the most comforting thing!!!  When the girls went to get help and talked to the people at the cafe, our waitress from dinner that night was trying to figure out which one of us they were talking about.  She goes, ¨are you SURE she wasn´t doing drugs??¨ and they were like, NO!  and she was like, ¨are you POSITIVE? The one with the headband right?¨ which is hilarious because Nadia at dinner had like a hippie-ish headband on and so the waitress automatically thought she was on pot.  But they were like, ¨No..the girl that asked for the vinegar…and none of us do drugs¨ and she was like OOOOOOH.  Hahaha.  but people are nice…he offered to take me to a doctor if i felt worse, and this was at 2 in the morning.  kara was ready to fly back with me to quito if we had to.  but then the girls prayed for me, and it was the craziest thing…almost instantly, i felt better.  sarah said that one time somebody prophesied over her that God gave her the gift of healing.  I can´t say for sure, but I think God seriously did heal me.  I felt worse when I woke up then I did when I had that intestinal infection about a month ago.  I remember thinking, I can´t be sick here.  We are in the middle of nowhere and it´s the middle of the night.  This couldn´t be any worse.  And all we could really do was pray.  It is so cool how God cares that much about us…I don´t know what I would have done if He hadn´t fixed the problem for me.  I went to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling absolutely fine.  it was so awesome!

Yesterday a bunch of the girls took surfing lessons.  I wasn´t feeling it in the cold and rain plus after being sick, so I watched from the beach with Sarah.  They did so good!  Later that night we went to this place on the beach that had a live band.  There was a bonfire and a live band that did covers from sting to sugar ray to marley to coldplay.  it was hilarious.  this town is so small and everyone was there.  the population is probably 500 give or take.  It´s got the surf culture and exotic feel that it seems like california beaches have, but it´s not snobby.  Costeños (people from the coast) are a lot more laid back and warm than the Quito crowd.  It´s been a strange weekend, but i´m glad we came.  For sure…a cultural experience. 

I heart Ecuador.


One Response to “Reggae in the Rain”

  1. Joe Says:

    PTL!!! ur better.

    haha i was just listening to bob marely. and i would totally support u getting a tattoo (haha frankly i would love to see u get a tattoo)

    much love…

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