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Montañita October 13, 2007

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Well, I am writing this entry from an internet cafe in one of my new favorite places in the world, Montañita.  It is on the southern coast of Ecuador, and let me tell you…getting here was an adventure.  We left at 9 pm last night.  three buses and two pickup truck rides later, we got here after lunchtime today.  Transportation was a little hairy because of all weekends we picked to travel here when a bunch of the bus drivers are on strike.  we literally drove by all these men burning tires, blockading the road. 

the weather is horrible, but it´s rainy season so it wasn´t too much of a suprise.  this place is so amazing, it doesn´t even matter!  it´s straight out of a movie or something.  today we hit the beach even through the clouds and the rain because we were that excited about it.  montañita is known for its surfer vibe and reggae culture.  it´s hippie central, for sure.  the water is super warm and the waves are huge.  this was my first time seeing the pacific ocean!  CHECK off the list.  Our hostal here for 7 bucks a night is the cutest thing ever.  it´s called the tiki something and you would have to see it to believe it.  i had my first good hot shower this whole semester in it tonight.  this evening we´re headed to see a live reggae band right by the beach and we´re going to play dutch blitz…keepin´the home culture burnin´baby.  There´s 7 of us girls here and we are having a great time together.  i love these girls!  they have all decided not to stay here for the year which is good for me because i will get to see them all spring! 

Being at the beach in october makes me so happy you don´t even know!!


One Response to “Montañita”

  1. pastortomtypes Says:

    So, Is it going to rain the whole time I am with you? 😦 Well,no matter, as long as I see you it will be sunny in my heart. (geesh! I’d better watch comments like that – I’m diabetic remember?) Seriously, Can’t wait to see you.

    Love, Dad

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