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lluvia up to my knees! October 9, 2007

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It´s official:  rainy season in Ecuador has begun.

Today it is freezing cold and it´s been raining for I don´t know maybe the last 24 hours.  We are told this is ¨normal¨.  Haha.  It´s kind of like a freaky flashback to march in PA.  We are crossing our fingers for it to hold up this weekend so we can get some sun.  This might sound kind of shallow but my legs are a lot whiter than my arms… kind of want to straighten that out at the beach.

Today for lunch we went to this seafood restaurant and nadia ordered a crab and you should have her hammering it at the table.  all of our plates were shaking and like 7 waiters tried to come over and help her because it was a little slow over the lunch hour.  It had a face.  I don´t really like eating things when you can see their faces.  Did you know one of the biggest delicacies here is called Cuy, which means guinea pig.  They aren´t exactly considered pets here.  My dad loves to make this joke about how in some Asian countries they WOK their dogs.  Well here, they roast guinea pigs, and slap it onto your plate, face and all.  Sometimes they put a little paw on each corner of the plate.  I am pretty adventurous with food but I´m not sure if I´m that adventurous.  Haven´t tried it yet.  Probably ¨tastes like chicken¨.

The foot has been getting better and while I elevate it I have started to watch the series LOST.  This is problematic with the amount of tests I have coming up…

Things are good and I hope they are with you, too!  Take care and have a great day!


One Response to “lluvia up to my knees!”

  1. pastortomtypes Says:

    Hey Honey: Great to see you quoting my comments about Wok ing your dog. Do you remember what we call those chicken cordon bleu things they serve at every meal? Hamsters! Think about it. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you. I’m counting the days and hours.

    Love, Dad

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