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one cankle. October 8, 2007

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Here are a few pictures from our trip to Papallacta Hot Springs:


Spazzy one

Whole Group

Amazing mountain

Well that´s a few of ´em.  The rest are on facebook if you wanna check it out.  I have three tests this week and i´m stressin a little bit but we have a 3 day weekend this week for fiestas de guayaquil.  Which means… beach trip!  We´re taking a night bus on thursday for Montañita, a little surfer beach known for its reggae vibe.  Should be cool.  I think I would have to say that the beach if my favorite place…and even better if it´s west coast so you get the sunset factor.  Sunset factor is huge.  I hope there´s a beach with a sunset in heaven but if not I guess it´ll be something better…which is just too much for me to handle.

In other news, leave it to me to have some strange health incident.  Somehow my right foot is totally swollen and i´m limping around.  The doctor said it was from walking.  I´m like…walking?  But we did walk 2 km in papallacta to the springs so i guess doing that in flip flops might have done it?  It´s not that serious and i´ll be fine but for the time being i look like a freak with one cankle. haha!  Of course my host mom is putting all sorts of creams on it and giving me all sorts of pills but they seem to be helping.  Good times.  Haha if i can injure myself just walking i shudder to think what kind of shape i´d be in if i would have played sports throughout my life!


2 Responses to “one cankle.”

  1. Aimee Says:

    HAHA!!! I hope that your foot gets back to normal!!! Love you!

  2. Em Says:

    mmm strange ecuadorian pills…sounds like a bad choice to my highly educated nursing mind. It was great talking to you on skype the other day at Aaron’s, i love you!

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