Going Down Under

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update… October 7, 2007

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This entry isn´t going to be that thought-provoking or anything, just a summary of the weekend!

Haha okay if you are still reading,

The week went pretty well. It was pretty low-key I guess you could say. As far as school goes, sometimes I just wonder how I survive it. In my lit class the other day, this boy got up and randomly gave a presentation on romanticism, and I was like, what? And this other gringo who I´m friends with was like, oh yeah she assigned us this huge presentation.. maybe you were sick that day! Yep turns out I found out just in time and I have to go in like 2 weeks, talking for 20 minutes about an ecuadorian author i´ve never heard of in my life. i´ll be lucky if i can spell his name right to look him up on wikipedia. don´t look down on me because i use that website for research projects. you know you´ve totally done it before. also my lit teacher started yelling at us and calling us babies… ¨just like my 2 year old grandaughters¨ because 2 students behind me were talking quietly. She sent people to different desks in the room… ooya. She scares the living daylights out of me. But there is this one girl in my class who took pity on me named Sophia and she offered to help me when I need it, so at least there is one redeeming thing about the class. In modern dance we have ¨advanced¨ to this ridiculous move where we lay on our backs with our feet way over our shoulders and our butts in the air. Christa, Heather, and I look at each other, trying to hold in the laughter and wondering what we got ourselves into.

The spanish mishap of the week was that today after church I told my friend Jose that my favorite flavor of ice cream was coca. I meant to say coconut, which it turns out is coco and i should have known that, but it came out as coca which means cocaine. Gotta love that cocaine flavored ice cream…

Thursday we went to a new salsa place called Mayo 68, which is known for being one of the sweetest salsa places in town. There was a guy playing live music there and it was just the sweetest thing. I was sitting on the floor with sara listening to it, surrounded by walls covered in writing and pictures of Che Guevara, and I just turned to her and was like… i love ecua.

This is getting long. You´re probably used to it. Anyways, the highlight was that yesterday we took a day trip to papayacta (think i probably horribly mispelled that) which is a town off the beaten path that is known for it´s volcanic hot springs. Let´s just say… if you´ve never swam in a hot tub the size of a pool that actually comes from the earth… you should try it sometime. We went to this sweet place tha was kind of pricey but had like crazy amounts of different pools, some freezing, some scalding, lots in between. You could see snow capped mountains in the distance. Not too shabby. The bummer of the day was that I lost my swimsuit on the way home sometime… my favorite one. I would rather lose 50 dollars than a good swimsuit. Now I have to find one here before we go to the beach next weekend and latinos aren´t the most modest of people sometimes if you´ll allow me to stereotype. Should be interesting trying to find something more than dental floss because that´s pretty much all i see in the shop windows. Hahaha wish me luck.

Kelly and Nadia reccomended and lent this book to me called The Secret Life of Bees and last night I woke up completely wide awake at 2 in the morning and read it until we left for church. If you´re a girl, go read it. It´s a girly book. But really good… bestseller.

That´s all for now. I need to go sleep like there´s no tomorrow because i am totally beat.


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