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Maquillaje VS. Mantequilla October 1, 2007

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I had a bit of a spanish faux-pas the other day.

Well, truth be told, this kind of thing happens a lot, but this story is worth sharing.

When I was on the retreat, I was sitting beside an Ecuadorian girl with particularly cute eyeliner.  You know you are really digging to start a conversation when you do this, but I´m kind of desperate for making ecau girlfriends, so I turned to her and said, ¨Me gusta tu mantequilla¨…. I like your makeup.  she kind of looked at me funny and giggled but i get that reaction pretty often so i just kind of went back to sipping my coffee, proud of myself for starting a conversation out of thin air, as lame as the opening line was.

It wasn´t until last night that I realized what I had said.  My host-aunt at the dinner table mentioned makeup but used the word maquillaje.  I was like… wait… oh no… do not tell me…. I totally mixed up two long words that both start with M.  And realized that what I had actually said to the girl the day before was,

¨I like your butter.¨

The whole family got a good laugh out of it.  For about 2 minutes I felt really embarassed and then, I realized I have to cut myself some slack and there´s nothing I can do about it now, and I thought to myself, in the way my friend Tristin Wilson would put it,



5 Responses to “Maquillaje VS. Mantequilla”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    hahaha nice… i can totally see you doing that, and the poor girl’s face. i love you! still working on the whole thanksgiving thing…

  2. I met a girl named Aundrea in Michigan…. She spelled it kind of funny…. Thinking and praying for you – Sebastians

  3. ellie chase Says:

    I Love YOUR butter.

  4. Sharon Bargo Says:

    Be Sure to watch those Spanish pronounciations and spellings. It’s amazing what words can sound and spell similarly. I also enjoy reading your blog, Andrea. I’ve tried to help prepare your dad with some lessons from my intro to Spanish homeschooling class for traveling, etc. Hope he doesn’t have too much trouble and that he doesn’t mix in his french words. I keep telling him, no hablo france. Take good care of yourself. You are a sweet young lady – Sharon Bargo (CLA)

  5. Tristin Says:

    hahaha. I love that story. Aaron told me about it last week when we were all watching the office… boo I miss you. Oh ps thanks for adding me to the end of that little story. So precious. haha.

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