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weekend update September 30, 2007

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Well for starters, one thing I haven´t mentioned yet is that on thursday night my group of friends threw a HUGE suprise party for Nadia!  We all went out to one of the hippest restaurants in Quito, Boca del Lobo, and dressed up.  Then a few of the girls went back to nadia´s house for a bit while the rest of us ¨went home¨ to do whatever excuses we could come up with.  It took a lot of planning but it went so well!  We held it at Heather´s ecua-mom´s workplace, which probably sounds strange but it was a really sweet place to have it.  Nadia was so suprised and we had a great night – about 30 or so people came so that was awesome!

Friday and Saturday I went on a retreat with my church.  There´s a lot to say about it… it was really intense.  Let´s just say the format´s pretty different than like 3 messages and free time.  It only lasted for a little over a day and there was 20 ours of powerpoint presentations on different spiritual topics (i.e., armor of God, pride, generational curses, sexual purity…etc), mostly geared towards brand-new Christians.  It was really neat though to see about 100 teenage girls just going after God with everything they had.  They weren´t there to socialize…they were so attentive when I was feeling really ADD.  The weekend made me think about a lot of things.  Why does it seem sometimes like new christians can come to God so much more easily than someone like me who has been a Christian my whole life practically?  It also made me realize how blessed I am.  There is a lot more to tell….but I will have to talk a little later because i am on skype with aaron!!!!  my favorite!!!


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  1. ryangerber Says:

    oh my goodness! general curses- thats hilarious!

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