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supermaxi (the grocery store, not the other thing) September 27, 2007

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You know it´s a small world when you run into somebody from your high school in a grocery store in Quito.

 Yesterday Arelis, me, and my host mom were doing some leisurely grocery shopping in supermaxi, ecua´s version of giant.  I saw this girl that looked really familiar from the back… like Autumn Hilsinger from my high school.  She was a couple of years ahead of me but I was good friends with her brother.  When I got a little closer, i knew it was her.  I walked up to her and was like… this is gonna sound really weird, but are you a Hilsinger?? She was like, oh my gosh you are Andrea Britton from Mechanicsburg!  I remember you from the musicals!

Apparently she is a nanny for a family in maryland, and the dad was born and raised here in ecuador.  the family decided to visit for a week and brought her along to watch the kids.  we were so suprised to see each other… what are the chances of seeing someone from my high school here that randomly?? 

I mean I normally run into people i know at the cumberland parkway giant, but this is just ridiculous!

Today is Nadia´s birthday – she´s turnin the big 20!  we´re all going out for dinner tonight to celebrate.


2 Responses to “supermaxi (the grocery store, not the other thing)”

  1. Em Says:

    Wow, I know the Hillsingers…we took swim lessons together back in the day. I miss you Andrea, be safe and have fun my little friend.

  2. What a small world!!! I ran into someone from my high school one time in Kansas City. The wired thing is that you will probably never see that girl again.

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