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not feelin the spanish thing today… September 24, 2007

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It was an awesome weekend, one of my favorites so far this semester. Saturday´s dinner with the Hewes, the missionaries I know, was so awesome. Their home is gorgeous with a great view of the volcano, and Karen cooked us lasagna, salad, and hot fudge brownie sundaes. it may seem stupid but we never get food like that and being with an american family around the dinner table… it felt about as close to home as i could get. i told karen, ¨These brownie sundaes are a MINISTRY!¨ haha because my mom always makes them when we have company. We got to talk about a lot of really neat stuff and Kara and I stayed there until nearly midnight playing cards with them. It was so awesome of them to have us over and we were really blessed by that. saturday i was a little sad because my cousin got married and i really wanted to be there.

Sunday, church was awesome. We had to sit on the floor because it was so packed, but it didn´t matter. After church jose and eduardo organized a futbol game in the park by our house. it was so much fun! running here is crazy because of the altitude.. and well i must have been a sight because i don´t do well with sports at HOME let alone thousands of feet above sea level. i think latin americans come out of the womb playing soccer. we had so much fun though, and afterwards we all randomly played games… you know like the icebreaker games you are forced to play when you´re at some leadership buildling retreat… ahah it was so random.

HOWEVER, the weekend took a turn for the worst at about midnight last night. now you have to understand, i am almost finished with the last season of alias and it´s getting intense. i knew i had some reading for lit that i could do this weekend, but my quiz wasn´t till wednesday, so i kind of just didn´t get the head start i planned to. but just before bed around midnight, i thought it might be wise to check the syllabus just to make sure the quiz was wednesday. to my shock and horror it was actually monday. and i had class at 10 am. i had to try to read 6 short stories throughout the night… looking up every other word in my little electronic dictionary. it´s so frustrating because if it were in english, it would be no problem. but these are written with dialogues with accents… you know how southern accents in english lit change the spelling of words? they do that with the indigenous language in spanish lit so you can´t even look the words up. i only got through 3 and have to leave a bunch of answers blank this morning. i´m so mad at myself and so frustrated that i can´t speak this language. grades always came more or less easily to me and now i have to work so much harder than everyone else just to keep up.

all that to say… next week study time for the following quiz will be better planned and probably take 10 hours, give or take. i need to remind myself that most ecuadorians can´t get this kind of higher education and i am lucky! but i just hate school right now!


2 Responses to “not feelin the spanish thing today…”

  1. Annamaria Says:


    I know you can’t really appreciate this right now, but the pain of learning to communicate in a foreign language will give you a heart for immigrants to this country, who come without financial backing and have to work full time, manage their families and economics, and go to ESL school too. You’ll be a more compassionate disciple to folks who need compassion in the middle of an intolerant world.

  2. Annamaria Says:

    Andrea, speaking of immigrants, check out this video link from a church in Georgia! It’s an awesome testimony of God’s Power and Grace in the middle of KKK country!! http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=FRsupt218220

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