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And we´re on in 5…4…3… September 18, 2007

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Hey!  There have been a few exciting happenings in the past few days…

Do you remember me mentioning this girl Maria T that goes to our bible study?  she is a film major at the university here and an awesome girl – so on fire for the Lord and stuff.  Well yesterday Kara and I called her to see if she wanted to do lunch.  She was like, oh my gosh, yeah!  So we met after school and she was like, hey, i kind of have to do my radio show this afternoon would you guys maybe wanna come?

Carli had told us about maria T´s radio show.  It is broadcast from HCJB which is a pretty well-known thing.  Her show is played in all of mexico and central america, all of south america, and spain.  She has been doing it for 3 months now and has had tremendous success with it.  the show is every afternoon from 2-3 pm and discusses different topics, with guests that call in, music, and live chatroom feedback.  Kara and I got to sit in the studio and watch it all happen, and she even interviewed us on the air!  The topic yesterday was fear, and kara and i were asked what we are afraid of (to which i replied speaking spanish on the air and bumblebees) and a little bit about ourselves.  It is so crazy to think that yesterday I was broadcast to the entire spanish-speaking community!  She does 3 hours of research every day and the way she presents it is so solid, always incorporating her faith into the subject.  It is especially popular with young people.  What an awesome experience to be a part of it!  It was so random!

Then last night I had an interesting cultural experience… i am taking modern dance here, which is actually a lot of work.  we have to go to dance performances around the city and write 3 pg. papers about them.  last night i went to my first one with some friends from the class, and it was so awesome!  It was a tiny little theatre lit by candlelight… a really artsy crowd.  the dancers were incredible.  The cast was 3 people and the movements were so crazy i don´t even know how they did it!  it was really abstract but so beautiful.  I really enjoyed myself and i plan to go back!

Tonight i have a Bible study with all of the BCA girls at christa´s house and we´re gonna split pizza hut… don´t judge me for eating at an american chain in ecuador.  sometimes it is just so nice.  i miss dana´s cooking!! haha!

things are going well and thanks again for all your continued prayer and support.  my parents say that people are always coming up to them asking about me and saying they enjoy reading this… i appreciate that and thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “And we´re on in 5…4…3…”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I Heart you!

  2. Meg Tyson Says:

    Hey! lets skype sometime next week!

  3. ryangerber Says:

    Enchentee- but of course! ::french laugh::

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