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Back from Baños September 17, 2007

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Well i am back safe and sound! What a great weekend!

I just put up a great album on facebook if you wanna check out the pictures. It was so much fun. About seven of us girls went from BCA, and on saturday we met up with Eduardo´s entire extended family to go to some waterfalls (biggest i´ve ever seen!) and do some other fun stuff. the town of baños is really neat and the setting couldn´t be more gorgeous. we stayed in a creepy little hostal called Hostal Patty hahaha which was $3 a night and pretty sketch… but we had so much fun. some of the highlights:

– we went to a waterfall and stood close enough to it to get soaking wet… i have never been so wet
– we rode a zip line type thing kind of like in mindo
– an old lady grabbed my butt when i was walking down the street. turns out she´s not all there and does this to every girl who walks by.
– we ate at a restaurant that did a bad job of translating their menu into english, so some of the dishes were called things like ¨Chicken with cream and fungi¨, ¨chicken to the pinecone¨, ¨pancakes with fruit and icy¨ ¨Pepper to the chop¨… oh the list goes on
– We toured the town basilica.. gorgeous!
– Hiking.. my favorite, right?
– we danced salsa
– we rode this crazy kiddie ride type thing that flashes lights and drives you around town doing doughnuts
– we went white water rafting all day on sunday with the scariest yet most hilarious guides of all time… and yes i did fall in.

there was a lot we didn´t get to do like bungee jumping, the springs, and 4 wheeling due to time. it´s a 4 hour bus ride so it was hard to fit everything in in a day and a half. but it was really fun and i´m so glad we went! we´ll definitely go back at some point during the semester. i´ll put up a few pictures on this page soon.


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