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weekend update September 14, 2007

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well the best thing that happened to me all day was going to my facebook account to see the grafitti that my dearest darlingest sister lindsay drew on my wall.  please look at it it is so funny.  she even included some very important details… hahhha.  lindz for real you really did make me laugh out loud for a good 10 minute in the ever-annoyed-with-me-and-my-loudness internet cafe.

as for the intestinal infection, it´s on the up and up.  i am feeling much better but strangely can only eat about a handfull of food or less at each meal.  i suppose i could count this as a weird kind of blessing, maybe it will last…

today i received my first package!  it was a birthday card and bible from aaron´s mom.  it was so sweet of her to send that!  and now we know that it is humanly possible for me to get mail here in ecuador.  as for those 3 missing packages, who knows.

the plans for the weekend are exciting.  tonight me and a bunch of friends are going to a free outdoor jazz concert in the plaza del teatro.  should be really cool.  who doesn´t love jazz i mean really.  Then tomorrow we are heading off to Baños, a town that i guess you could translate to ¨bathrooms¨, but don´t let the name fool you, we´ve heard it´s one of the funnest places to go in ecua.  it´s really called baños because it is home to volcanic hot springs which i definitely plan on going to.  among the other planned activities are: bungee jumping, white water rafting, four wheeling, and maybe some horesback riding again.  we´ll see.  with these in mind, pray for my stomach not to relapse and trustworthy safety equipment, haha!   oh and every once in a while the volcano right beside the town erupts and the town gets evacuated and covered in ash, so that´s always a good thing to avoid too.  oh dear sorry mom and dad if you´re reading this…I´m gonna stop while i´m ahead.  : )


One Response to “weekend update”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    hahahahaha I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m glad that you’re feeling better… hope you have a fun weekend, love you!

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