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my immune system could use an upgrade. September 12, 2007

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So… I went to the hospital yesterday.

Two nights ago I woke up at 4 in the morning feeling like death.  I had felt perfectly fine up until I went to bed.  I was sick all night (I won’t go into details) and I finally decided to wake up my host family after a few hours of it.  They took me to the hospital and after blood tests informed me that I had an intestinal infection.  Greeeeeat.  I´m still not sure what it was that I ate, but it could very well be the sketchy food from Mindo.  After 3 hours of IVs to stop the dehydration I was able to go.  The place was pretty nice actually, better than my assumptions about 3rd world hospitals.  My doctor even spoke English, which was good because when I’m wicked tired or feeling sick I start speaking Spanish like I’m in middle school Spanish 1.  Since the return from the hospital I’ve been home dealing with it, but my host family has been great.  It’s a little weird because here in Ecuador there’s basically no such thing as prescription drugs.  Everything is over-the-counter, and boy do Ecuadorians take advantage of it.  Beatriz has been giving me pills left and right.  But fortunately, they do seem to be helping.  Missing a few days of school will be rough, but such is life.  God has really protected me and I am thankful that it wasn’t worse.  This morning I woke up feeling a lot better… last night I could barely walk.  Anyways, after experiences like that, I find myself being so thankful for my health.  Isn’t it funny how you never appreciate feeling well until you feel sick? 


One Response to “my immune system could use an upgrade.”

  1. Meg Tyson Says:

    Aww Andrea I’m sorry you’re not feeling well 😦 But when you are better and back to your normal crazy self we should spend some time on skype! because one of my bff’s at school has it! so let me know when you want to catch up and tell me fun stories! her skype name is “vcrossan”

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