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pulling it together September 7, 2007

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well, everyone warned me these days would come.  the days when you want nothing more than to be home.

i heard someone say that when you study abroad all of your emotions are multiplied 10 times.  your highs are really high (last few blog entries as you might have noticed) and your lows… well, they´re really low.   they were so right!

the past 24 hours, i think it is safe to say that not much more could have gone wrong.  here´s a few highlights:

– left my $50 flash drive in the computer at the internet cafe.  of course when I went back someone had stolen it already.

– had a huge ordeal with my host family over transportation, which was the most frustrated i have been with my family yet.  they were being pretty ridiculous.  it´s a long story that i´ll spare you from.

– another incident involving a good guy friend here saying something to me that i did not appreciate, another long story

– having a very long and frusterating meeting and having to ride the bus home in the dark as a result of long-winded individuals while men are trying to take my picture with their camera phone and i am trying to hide my face as much as possible

– cell phone issues (to hard to explain)

–  classes feeling way over my head.  i even screwed up my tejido project majorly today.  good grief how can you screw up weaving.  the teacher kept saying, i don´t know how you messed up so bad.  nice.

– and the icing on the cake, worth telling the long version.  this afternoon i was so fed up and so frustrated that i just really wanted to have a good cry.  i needed to go home or call my family or something.  but i couldn´t because kara and i had a lunch meeting with a lady from our church right after class.  we rode the bus to meet her.  every time you ride a bus here, somebody comes on trying to sell something.  well today, of all days, i got on the bus trying to literally hold back the tears, and onto the bus walks the most ridiculous looking clown i have every seen.  huge shoes, red nose, wig, the whole nine yards.  keep in mind that the bus is filled with like middle-aged men.  unfortunately i happened to be sitting towards the front and he instantly spotted me as a foreigner.  he started asked me were i was from.  england?  italy?  germany?  to which i could not answer.  I was so not in the mood for this.  He kept asking me questions loud enough for the bus to hear, throwing in jokes i couldn´t understand and everybody was laughing at me.  it was so awful that i began to laugh and cry hysterically at the same time.  it must have been quite a sight.  i was literally sobbing and laughing so hard my sides hurt.  of course this didnt´help the situation.  this just drew more attention to me, but my emotions were uncontrollable.  i mean how many times when you are having the worst day of your life do you get publicly ridiculed by a clown on a bus?  he then proceeded to whip out a HUGE pair of granny panties and sniff them shouting QUE RICO!  of course, when he had finally finished his schpeel and started to ask people for donations, i was his #1 solicitation because he thought that i was just crying because i thought he was funny and surely i should give him some money if i laughed THAT hard.  ugh.  i don´t like clowns anymore.

please keep me in your prayers today if you have a chance.  i could use it!


6 Responses to “pulling it together”

  1. Aimee Says:

    aww…girl. Praying for you. Love you so much!!!

  2. tony Says:

    We will be praying for you today…. Clowns are over-rated anyways…..

  3. Angelina Says:

    Buscaba para el sitio del web de Comunidad de Fe y encontre tu blog. La foto me da la idea de que es la misma Comunidad de Fe donde fui cuando estudiaba en el Ecuador. De hecho, estoy buscando la direccion de la iglesia Comunidad de Fe. (Es la Avenida Occidental? Creo que hay por lo menos dos iglesias Comunidad de Fe.)

    Fui a la Universidad Mesias, y me gradue en 2006. Estudiaba en el Ecuador el primer semester de 2003 y me encanta el pais. Fui a la Comunidad de Fe con mi familia anfintrona y la extrana. Cantemos una cancion en mi iglesia hoy que cantabamos alli (El es el Rey), pero no brincamos como alli. Despues de dos meses de asistir el grupo de jovenes los sabados, me invitaron asistir una celula. Me habria gustado asistir mas pero con el Andinismo y que no me lo ofrecieron antes . . .

    De verdad hay 8000 miembros? Sabia que hubiera mucha gente pero eso es mucho! Aprendete bien sus ganas de ganar su ciudad para Cristo. La iglesia mundial tiene que entender que Cristo es Cristo de todo el mundo, no solamente de la iglesia en donde asiste uno. Preguntales de donde viene esa vision de 12 y de las celulas. De lo poco que aprendi es una historia bonita de Colombia.

    De casualidad no conoces a Marcelo Fiallos? Tal vez tenga 27 anos. Su mama es Maria de Lourdes Valenzuela y era mi mama anfintriona. Asistian a la Comunidad de Fe. Saludanles de mi parte (Angelina Shannon) por favor si te encuentras con ellos. Y de casualidad no conoces a Judith? Tengo una foto de ella que puedo mandar. Era la lider de mi celula pero no se comunicarme con ella ahora.

    Bueno, mandame un email. Mi direccion es [redacted]. (Y mi nombre es Angelina Shannon.)

    Nos vemos, eh? Que Dios te bendiga y que ves la como es la iglesia de Dios Creador del Mundo en otro pais bonito.

    Espero que los dias que siguan sean bonitos para ti, y si no, espero que puedas conocer la fidelidad del Senor Dios en los momentos bien dificiles. Buscalo mas cada dia y lo encontraras.


  4. Angelina Says:

    Tambien…saludele a Eduardo de mi parte. Lo vi en otra foto. ~Angelina

  5. ryangerber Says:

    well, for what its worth- i was having a pretty bad day too, and your story made me laugh like nothing

  6. ryangerber Says:

    p.s. i posted a special picture just for you on my blog
    if this doesnt make you laugh- you must be mentally retarded!

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