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Yeah, life´s good. September 4, 2007

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Guys I am just so happy today!  I guess no particular reason! 

Well for one, it is my dad´s birthday.  I suppose I shouldn´reveal his age…but give him some love if you get a chance.  I had to send him an email today instead of give him a present, but i never was that good of a gift giver anyways.  I cried sending it, he cried reading it, tears all around.  I´m so glad to be as close to my family as I am.  A lot of my close friends here say they don´t miss home at all, to my suprise.  I guess it´s easier to sign up for a semester abroad if you want out of the house.  How thankful I am to have a family I can miss!

Can I just tell you something really funny?  Two days ago with our ecuadorian friends eduardo and jose we were taking a picture.  You know how we say ¨say cheese¨?  Well here, they say the word apocalysis.  Is it just me or is that word like the most random word to choose of all time?  i mean who the heck even knows how to spell it let alone say it?  Oh Ecuas, they´re so funny.

I have to tell you about my bible study the other night.  I mentioned already that one of the pastor´s wives from our church invited us to her monday night cell group.  Kara and I decided to check it out.  She lives really close to us.  When we got there, she had baked cookies for us and we chatted.  She is an American, but met her husband here while studying abroad… also spent two years in africa in the peace corps.  She´s awesome.  The doorbell rang and a couple came in.  They were just random neighbors of hers and their daughter had been hit by a car.  She was in the hospital but they didnt´have enough money to pay for her treatments.  They asked us if we could help, and we donated some money and carli and us witnessed to them and prayed over them.  It was so cool how God brought them to Carli´s door.  A bunch of people didn´t show up (ecuas aren´t the timliest folks you´ll ever meet) and so it was just us, carli, and maria t, this awesome girl that goes to our school!  She is a few years older than us, a film major, and studied in canada for a while so she´s fluent in english.  The four of us sat around talking about prayer.  It was so awesome.  I can´t even tell you.  Carli will be such a good friend to us, and marie T and kara and I have already planned to go to the beach together and hang out often!  We really connected with her.  You might be wondering why I am so excited about it.. but it´s just that it´s really hard to make girl friends here.  Most of the girls are less than friendly to say the least.  The guys are a little too far in the opposite direction.  To meet a girl about our age from our school that´s on fire for God and speaks our language… well, HUGE blessing for sure.

I miss Aaron a lot too.  I was talking to him on my phone last night and my phone card ran out… ugh.  He is so wonderful.  I am so lucky! 

Have a great day… and today stop and thank your lucky stars that you can flush your toilet paper.  the little things we americans take for granted….haha


3 Responses to “Yeah, life´s good.”

  1. Jamie Sebastian Says:

    I love you so much! I love reading your blog and hearing your experiences.. esp. late at night when i can’t sleep. you make me happy. praying for you. heart heart –

  2. pastortomtypes Says:

    Hey sweetheart: I had a great day yesterday too. I’ll blog about it today sometime. I got a few really funny cards. One was a picture of a dog going through a doggie door and it said: “My dog saw you naked; He thinks your birthday suit needs to be ironed.” I laughed a lot. P.Dan sent one too that was two old people sitting on a porch. The old man was hard of hearing and his wife said: “Honey, the doctor called and said they need a urine and stools sample from you. Being hard of hearing he yelled back: What did you say? and his wife said: The doctor called and said they need a pair of your underpants.” I laughed till my sides ached. Love you dear, have a great week.

  3. The Baker Bunch Says:

    Hey Chick! We are praying for you daily. We hope to have our microphone and camera soon to be able to skipe you!

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