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Happy Monday September 3, 2007

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Mondays this semester are gonna be sweet.  I just have one class from 10-11 and the rest of the day FREEEEE.

This was a great weekend.  Saturday Kara and I decided to go to this restaurant all the ecaus have been reccommending to us… it´s called crepes and waffles.  it is a close call with that brazilian place in guadalajara, but i think i can safely say it´s my favorite restuarant i´ve ever been to.  everything on the menu is incredible and under 4 bucks.  the food comes out looking gourmet.  too bad if you´re in the US missing out… but Kara and I were lost for 2 hours trying to find it.  At least we feel like we know the city better now!  In quito it´s funny – you ask someone for directions, and if they don´t know, they make something up instead of telling you they don´t know.

okay right now unbreak my heart in spanish is blasting and it´s making me sick.

on saturday i had so much fun hanging out with my host family.  they really are a riot.  we have a lot fun together.  yesterday i went up to the top of a mountain in a cable car with friends.  we had a blast.  oh and i finished season three of alias…. HOLY MOSES if you don´t watch it you should.  School is going well, haven´t had a bit of homework yet.  Hope it stays that way.  This weekend a bunch of my friends and I are planning to go on a trip to Mindo.  More on that later.  I´m gonna post some pictures from the last few weeks – enjoy!

Each day I am reminded, usually more than once, of how blessed I am to be here.


3 Responses to “Happy Monday”

  1. tony Says:

    If I ever visit Equador I need to eat at that place….. Sounds like you are keeping a good pace on Alias as well. Just wait until you see episode 1 of season 4….

  2. Meg Tyson Says:

    Dude! my wednesdays and fridays i only have class from 10-11! Too bad you’re on the other side of the hemisphere. And i will definately need to eat at that place too.

  3. Dobes Says:

    Andrea, I think getting lost in a city is one of the coolest things. I remember a time when I was lost with friends in Amsterdam. Isn’t it cool when you find a good restaurant. If you’ve ever visited OC, Maryland you have to go to Bayside Skillet. Awesome Crepes.
    You are having an amazing time. I’m so happy you are adventurous. Keep living like you have no tomorrow. I know you want to see and go everywhere. It’s challanging to pick and choose. I’m thinking and praying for you.

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